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Old School

It was funny, but not as funny as the previews make it look. I think the best thing about previews is they don't need a plot, the producers (or whoever makes a trailer) can string together the most compelling scenes, the funniest scenes, the scarriest scenes, to acheive the effect they want. Three Kings for example, was sold as a comedy because they used most of the moments that could be played for laughs in the entire movie to make the trailer. So as a prospective audience member I assumed that there was more comedy than drama and even action. Boy was I wrong. It was a great movie but there's no way it was a comdey, the laugh lines were needed to cut the tension and make the movie watchable, or rather easier to watch. It was pretty intense. I thought that marketing it as a comedy was irresponsible. Why trick people into going to see a type of movie they wouldn't want to see? It just makes them mad. Back to Old School, it was funny but it was funny in spite of having a plot, instead of having a funny plot. It's almost impossible to discuss the characters without using the word "obligatory" in front of their titles; the obligatory love-interest, the obligatory bad-influence friend, the obligatory up-tight administrator, etc. So alot of the movie felt a little forced, which is the fastest, surest way to ruin comedy.
On the other hand, Will Ferrell was great! He was funny when doing slapstick and when he was being a poor schmuck, he's just a really funny guy. There's a reason most of the scenes in the preview feature him, he carries most of the funny scenes.
I also found it interesting that there was one scene that got the necessary "R", two coeds who are topless for less than 30 seconds. Just enough exposure for just long enough to get the "R". It was cute, but if you haven't see it already, I'd wait for the cheap show.


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