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Tea Journal

Todd & Holland's Lapsang Souchong Smoky#1
Not quite smoky enough. It's clearly a lapsang souchong but it's not very smokey. This is the first of my birthday teas that I've finished though. The others have a stronger smokey flavor. This would be a good 'starter' tea.

Todd & Holland's Purple Rain
Not really a tea, I bought this the other day while on my way to the meetup. It does taste very much like Concord Grapes, I wasn't able to get most of the other flavors out if the mix, it mostly tasted like grapes. Good but not a favorite. It brews up pretty weak as well.
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Dinner Journal

Last night's dinner.
Duck, roasted in the oven according to the instructions in the wonderful How to Cook Everything. I didn't add enough water during the cooking though and wound up setting off Howard's smoke alarm because the grease started smoking.
I made Kasha (buckwheat) to go with and we had salad with tomatoes, greens, and olives.
The neck and giblets are going to go into the stock I'm going to make from the remains of the duck and frozen chicken remains. Chicken stock isn't cheap so freezing it is probably what I'll do.
The oven continues to be a problem, with the new thermometer showing a lower temp than the combination thermometer, which shows a lower temp than the oven's own temperature sensor.
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Tea Journal

Todd & Holland's India Chai
Used my nifty iPot, 2 tsp in the infuser.
The spice taste is stronger than the tea taste, but somehow the spices are not overpowering. I tried it with milk (ok, but no great shakes) and plain.
I much prefer the plain, its very smooth, not at all bitter, and not at all dry. Some spiced teas can taste like potpourri but this one has a much more subtle taste.
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I WISH I was kidding!

Overheard at the local coffee shop ...
"Well my cousin said that 666 is associated with Obama and that makes him the AntiChrist."
Thank God the woman she was talking to took her down and made her defend that position (which the horrible racist woman obviously couldn't ) so I didn' have to start repeating "The AntiChrist? The AntiChrist? WTF?!?" in tones of increasing incredulity.

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If I post twice today does that count?

I started a post yesterday but forgot about it and MultiLJ apparently doesn't auto-save posts that are shut down when one's laptop shuts down due to inactivity.
Today will probably mostly be linkspam, like this entry linked to by pecunium, about what Prop 8 passing means to one person.
Seen in carneggy's LJ is a shout out for "Let the Right One In" which looks very good. I just wish there was some sort of movie alarm site where you could enter the titles of movies you'd like to see, your location and the distance you're willing to travel (maybe even two tiers of distance) to see a movie. IMDB doesn't seem to do that, and the listing of benefits for IMDB Pro don't seem to indicate it's available there either. Oh well, I do know I'm going to see "My Name is Bruce", that should be entertaining.
Seen in the Whole Foods parking lot yesterday, a Chevy Suburban squeezing into one of the "Fuel Efficient Cars Only" spots. Nice.
That's all for now, off to a Sit 'n Knit and then to acquire ingredients for buckwheat pancakes and possible a cast iron frying pan to make them in.

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Still Smiling

You would think I'd be writing volumes about yesterday and the wonderfulness but I'm busy reading what everyone else has written and so far the phrase pecunium used stuck out for me "'s not a place but a path."
There are many many more, original words and quotes, so many that I get choked up every time I refresh my Friends Page, but it was a happy sort of choked up and I spent most of the day smiling. Even the few splotches of sour grapes that I let myself encounter didn't dim my mood.
The only spot of gray is that filthy filthy Prop 8. I'm so glad I don't live in California and haven't had to deal with several months of hate speech, and then to have the haters win....grrr, arrgh!! I hope, as some have speculated, that it's a purely temporary victory. That won't take away the sting of course but it will be overturned and the sooner the better.
Also I learned to knit two-at-a-time socks today.

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(no subject)

Finished my first pass of Soldier of the Mist, by Gene Wolfe our selection for November's Close Reading Group. We'll be discussing it at WindyCon as a panel item so attendance may be higher than usual.
I have to read the first time for story and I really enjoyed Latro's story and the way it was written. I'm starting again only this time going slower and googling when I feel I'm missing an allusion. Also I'm going to take notes on who says what when and try to figure out about what time frame the story happens in.
In other news I picked up two powered antennae today, one for the radio at Howard's so that we can get a clear signal for WBEZ. It's gets a little static-y after dark otherwise. While I was at it I picked up an HD antenna so that I can at least watch local coverage. *fingers crossed* I hope things go the way they should, but I've been unpleasantly surprised before.
Right now I'm debating with myself about the most efficient way to get in and out of the city for our monthly social. More later, and I'm sure, much much more (either way) on Wednesday.

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Teh Ahnkel of Doooom

Ok, it's really not that bad. I fell in a forest preserve two weeks ago while looking for a spot to place a commemorative cache. I fell and the ankle went sideways. I felt it go *crack* similar to the way your knuckles crack. I thought it would hurt more than it did. After a few minutes I could walk on it so I walked back to the car and when I got home a couple hours later I kept it elevated and iced (Howard went out and bought me some bags of frozen peas which are make great ice packs) and when the swelling wasn't going down Tuesday I made an appointment and got in the next day. They took six xrays and determined it wasn't broken but one ligament had torn and in order to facilitate healing I needed PT three times a week and I should wear the boot-cast for about six weeks. The PT is a combination of ultrasound and electro-stim therapy which worked great to get the swelling down. I don't know how much it helps to speed the healing though.
It doesn't hurt anymore unless I walk too far on it and with the boot I'm able to get around pretty well, although it takes me a while to go downstairs. It's just slightly frustrating and inconvienent for a few weeks so I was really lucky that way.

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