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Didn't realize it had been so long since my last post.

Just a few quick placeholders until I get a chance to come back and write a full entry.

Went to the Nerdcore Show at the Abby with pyropyga, unhipster, c0defiant, and Justin and Tim (WINOLJ?). I had two tons of fun, Optimus Rhyme was pretty good but I really liked MC Lars. I didn't really care for MC Frontalot (the headliner), and left about three songs in, as it was almost midnight and I had miles to go before I slept.

My bowling team made it to the playoffs but only as a wildcard as we lost two games to three to "Rolling Thunder", but at least it wasn't my fault. We only have three women on the team and since none of us were confident enough that we could bowl above our average we literally drew straws to see who was to bowl. That honor fell to Allison who bowled her average for two games and they won by enough on the game she was under that it didn't matter. So this Thursday we bowl "Chipping Away" and since they're also extremely good, to win we need them to have an off night. (ETA: This is how bad I am, this post was written on Monday, we've since lost and will be bowling for third place next week.)

Went to a birthday party last weekend that was fun, had a chance to talk to a couple people I hadn't seen in a while. Also got a reminder of one of the best pieces of advice I ever got--"Never use alcohol as an excuse to make an ass of yourself."

Tuesday was Cheap Movie Night and it seems only three of us were interested in seeing "The Queen", even for a buck. aimee_darling, myself and Jeff (WINOLJ) saw "The Queen" (which was quite good), while origamilady and oneleggedman (who has never posted anything himself but was giving me shit about not posting, I say that deserves a mass 'nudging') saw "Because I Said So" and met us afterward at IHOP. The 'coming attraction' they showed before was for "The Lookout" which reminded me I really really wanted to see that movie, it looks extremely interestingm story-wise and also it stars

Right now I'm getting ready to leave for Penguicon, trying to decide which books to take with me to get signed, and how many bags of Doritios are necessary for a five hour car ride. (There will be caching along the way, of course, I won a geocoin at the CITO event on Saturday and want to place it somewhere on the way to Michigan.

More after Penguicon, which I'm very excited about, I'll see y'all then.


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