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Close Reading Group for April Close Reading Group for April

This was Saturday's group. We met a week later than usual this month as I was away at Penguicon the weekend before and it was the book I had nominated (and one of my favorites) that we were discussing. Even though there was an extra week only three other people finished the book and most didn't seem to care for it much. Oh well, we still had a good group and a lively discussion. Then afterwards I dragged them out on a short geocaching expedition and found two caches that had previously eluded me. So one of those people is a good luck charm!
After we had talked, and 'cached and eaten it was time for me to go hang out with my mundane friends for a couple games of "Betrayal at House on the Hill" where I was once again the Betrayer and once again, got my ass kicked.
Sunday was the monthly Chicago Geocaching Meetup and I must say I picked a pretty good spot seeing as how I had about 15 minutes to come up with one. fractalsphere and I were joined by two much more experienced geocachers but we all had a good time, finding six caches and enjoying the beautiful sunny day. 

Monday was a different book club meeting, there were only four of us but it was great fun as we'd all read the book. Also there was beer at this book group. We read Bill Bryson's latest  and it was definitely worth the time, very entertaining and sweet. This time even though he was bemoaning the loss of independent stores and unique ways of life he didn't get as depressing about it as he sometimes can.
Tuesday was the monthly social for chicago-sf.org. We had a slightly lower turnout, mainly due to illness, but Beth came by with her horse and carriage for a surprise visit! That was very cool, thanks Beth!
Wednesday was the second concom meeting for Capricon 28 which was way shorter than I had thought it would be, leaving me time to get home and do some more straightening of my disheveled apartment.
Thursday my supposed dinner guest bailed on me so I finally had a night to myself to play Scrabble online and try to catch up on my blogroll.
Today I took a vacation day to trek up to Milwaukee to attend John Scalzi's signing there. I barely made it to the train station in time to meet pyropyga and we had a nice drive up to Brewertown to have an early dinner at The Safe House, an extremely cool restaurant/bar that I had heard much about but never visited. I was impressed and would certainly go back again. The food and drink were good and reasonably priced and the theme was carried out throughout the whole place, right down to the 'fuse' on the Chocolate Bomb which refused to go out.

Chocolate Bomb with Evil Candle
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Then we went off to the signing which wasn't as well attended as I had hoped but we all enjoyed ourselves immensely listening to Scalzi read from his upcoming novel The High Castle. Got a couple copies of The Last Colony but sadly they were out of The Sagan Diaries so I wasn't able to replace a friend's copy that got dunked. John was very friendly and funny and actually remembered me from Penguicon! How cool is that!

Tomorrow is deusinnomen's Pot Luck Birthday Party, then a visit to The Boats. Sunday I'm going out to see the 'rents as I've not been out there in three weeks.

Next week is almost as busy as this one was, with the Lisle Knitting Meetup, another stab at dinner, the end-of-season bowling party, the monthly get-together with former cow-orkers and Mother's Day. Yikes.

Post Signing 2
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