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Fun birthday celebration for deusinnomen yesterday, too much good food, catching up with some previously met folks (hi beknatok and trollbrian!) and meeting some new ones, then off to The Boats (well, just one for me) to pay my Stupidity Tax, but I had fun there as well.

Today was an afternoon with the parents as I had blown them off the two previous weeks. We had a nice lunch and shopped at Trader Joe's and Ulta. Picked up a couple bottles of Rogue beers, tonight I'm enjoying Smoke Ale which tastes like a nice beer that has had campfire smoke bubbled through it. It's definitely different but a little too smoky tasting for me.

Also bought a George Foreman grill. I had the small model when they first came out but the non-stick coating washed off pretty quickly. This one grills and 'broils', you can set the cover to about 2" above the grill to cook fish and thicker cuts of meat. I tried it out tonight and it worked pretty well. I hope it cleans up better than the previous model.
Also my vacuum cleaner is now working a bit better after liberal applications (and considering my politics, Liberal applications) of WD-40.

c0defiant figured out my stereo problem a while ago so I'm now living like a civilized human with a vacuumed floor and music playing.

And after getting two (2!) tickets in two hours I have a current city sticker. Fuckers.

I'm told "Heroes" was very good last week, I'll have to catch up before 8pm tomorrow. Tonight is my valiant attempt to get current with all y'all.

Also pyropyga and I were (kind of) mentioned in John Scalzi's blog, we were the only Chicago trekkers, afaik.


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