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Mama and Baby Close Up
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Went to the Zoo with a bunch of Chicago-sf.org folks, who are also all LJers. raven_ap_morgan, urban_firefly, me, jcovcova, and unhipster all had a fine time at the Zoo yesterday, admiring the Big Cats and gushing over the uber-cuteness of the as-yet-unnamed Baby Polar Bear. We also caught a glimpse of long-time chicago-sf.org member John in his weekend persona of Tourist Shepherd, as he was driving one of the trams around the zoo. This is a place holder post until I have time to write a decent entry. Spent most of last night after the Zoo outing playing with the pictures and sleeping much earlier than usual due to lack of a brain (I got sunburned because I'm stupid and too much time in the sun is very tiring). I'll post video of the baaaaaaby giraffe running around in my LJ scrapbook as soon as I get time and figure out how to do it.

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