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While I wait for the baaaaby giraffe

While I'm waiting for the video that I took of the baby giraffe running around to upload to the LJScrapbook (I was unable to upload the video, not sure why, I know others have done it). I wanted to recap last week.
Wednesday was the Lisle Knitting meetup. It was supposed to meet in the organizer's apartment, which I was ok with as she looked harmless enough in her picture and five other knitters had rsvp'd 'yes'. Had to walk past the drunk guy hanging out next door, which wasn't a problem when it was still light out but leaving at 9pm and walking to my car in a Midas parking lot made me a little nervous. She was very nice but a thoroughly un-accomplished knitter and unfortunately no one else showed up. Also the apartment smelled like pee. Apparently she sent some strongly worded emails to the people that had said they'd be there and then weren't, making it that much less likely they'd show up in the future. Yes, I know that that aspect of meetup.com can be frustrating and irritating, but scolding people in email isn't going to help matters.
Thursday I went shopping, looking for a new fun and sort-of-but-not-really-dressy outfit to wear to the bowling banquet on Friday. Didn't find anything but I did buy my summer perfume, Flowerbomb which smells fantastic but is surrounded by more campy faux marketing shit than is necessary, even for a perfume.
Friday was the bowling banquet which was quite fun, we got our high game wooden 'pins' and ate and drank and danced.
Saturday was some reading and then the trip to the Zoo which was fun even though we got off to a late start. Saw some cool animals, including my favorite, the okapi. Then dinner at Irish Times (cool restaurant/pub) and then home and early to sleep for me as I'd gotten too much sun.
Sunday was Mother's Day but as my dad had stayed overnight at the hospital after having chest pains ( he had a bypass several years ago but has since lost 50 pounds and eats pretty healthy) we wound up eating at Sweet Tomato's instead of the nice lunch we were supposed to have. Dad's ok, which is good. I couldn't help mom plant this week though as I had spent too much time in the sun.
Tonight I'm taking a friend's sister and mom to doggy obedience school. It should be fun, I haven't seen them in too long and the dogs should be cute, if not well-behaved. I'll see if I can get some good picutures of their mixed-up mutt to post.
Not much in the way of content I know, perhaps when I've settled down from my distraction a little, wound up some outstanding projects, etc.

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