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An Embarrassment of Choice

If anyone in the future ever needs to write my biography (I can't imagine why this would become necessary unless I acheive noteriety accidentally, humorous example added later) they will be faced with almost too much information. That is, too much information about certain times when I would scribble pages a day in my journal, then at other times I either didn't write or didn't save what I wrote. Of my senior year of college, for example, a fairly noteworthy time in one's life, there remains not a shred of journal, diary, whathaveyou. I know this because I was digging for it tonight for reasons which will be made clear later. I don't even have my senoir year book. Junior year there are at least two separate blank books bursting with blather (sorry, can't seem to help myself sometimes), possibly more, mostly due to my being in looooove with an asshole who later turned out to be gay. (That is NOT why he's an asshole, he's a pan-orientation asshole.) Nothing like sifting through one's past to start a good round of "If I'd known then.." and "I wish I could go back and do ____ over". It's probably for the best that there are no surviving journals, from senior year because I managed to make some unfortunate romantic choices THAT year as well. What a shock. Anyway, as I was saying, provided my storage space remains intact anyone from the future needing to chronicle my days would not be at a loss for material, that's all I'm saying.

Tended bar again today. Absolutely dead. Made about $25 bucks, which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but not by much. On the plus side, I have many more hours this week, in addition to the dreaded Tuesday night I also have a Wednesday night bar shift (dollar drafts of MGD and Lite) and Saturday and Sunday. One of these weekends it's going to be Elmfest and I will clean up!! So there all you Fri/Sat people! Nah!

My best friend bought a house this week, she's been living at home this whole time so she's stressing a little bit but she'll be fine. I think everyone else is more excited than she is, she's pretty terrified right now. She keeps claiming she's going to be dead broke and starving but she won't -- she will have to watch her spending, and not buy everything she wants to, which will be a new experience for her.

Spent a nice day gardening with my mom yesterday. Her back is bothering her, so she picked out the plants and supervised the planting. See attatched piccies.

Ok, I was going to add pictures of the plants as they are now and also a turtledove nesting in my parents' gutter, but I can't seem to get the picture in here. I have done a cut tag before for text but I can't seem to get the picture over here.


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