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Friday, 3 pm
$7 for an hour and a half of connectivity. Hmm. Nope. I'm not an addict, I am NOT an addict. Not not not.

It's tempting but the (probably) lax security combined with the short time frame = not worth it.

Made it to the airport AND through security (no special screening this time, thank goodness) in about an hour. Now as long as the plane takes off pretty much on time and my bag is on my plane it's all good. I'm on a 'little baby planelet' on the way there, one seat, then an aisle, then two seats.
Usually the e-ticket shows the 'equipment', I'll take a phone pic and send it to flickr probably.

Little Baby Planelet
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The phone has been getting a workout all day and sadly is not performing well. The battery is a year and a half old though so I imagine that's the problem. Those things aren't cheap but I'm going to check and see how much they are, it wouldn't hurt to have a charged spare on hand, or at least available.
O'Hare airport security is apparently paid so little that it's worth their while to check payphones for change. Awesome.

*sigh* I'm always restless in airports, that's why I wind up buying so much crap--nuts, candy, magazines, sudoku books, and that's just so far! Kidding, kidding, totally kidding. Only bought some 'mall' Chinese food (mmm, orange chicken) and a Starbucks. I'm styaing out of the bookstore. My purse is heavy enough and I have one unread book in there already. This laptop is so huge I can't fit anything else in the bag so there's not even anywhere to put a new book.

I'm not an addict so I'm not going to use my phone to check GMail either, Nope. Poor little phone has done enough for one day. I did turn on my handheld GPSr and I'll try to remember to turn it off when I'm supposed to and turn it back on again to check airspeed and altitude.

Ok, maybe a magazine. And a quick peek at the GMail.

Someone told me he thinks of airplane rides as carnival rides. Nothing wrong with that analogy, except I prefer to think of them as Disneyland rides--well maintained, safety-checked Disney rides.
When we were flying over my town they gave the 'approved electronic devices' OK just in time for me to take a picture of the large building I work in. It's right under the text, here.

Originally uploaded by oilygrrl.

I also turned on my GPSr to follow our progress and see how fast we were going and how high we were. Our top speed was around 550 and we were at 8000 feet at one point. There was an anxious moment (for me) when the speed showing on the GPS screen dropped to 32 mph. WHAT!? Obviously we didn't plummet to earth but 32 mph is not a speed you want to be doing 6000 feet in the air. Weird, I wonder why it did that.

(The above was all blather typed while I was offline. That's why it's so rambly.)

Saturday Morning
Thanks everyone for your well wishes. He did indeed have a collapsed lung. When the 911 responders showed up at the house of the guy who had attacked him looking for a stabbing victim, and the guy said, "Nope, no stabbing vicitim here, we're all fine." and DID NOT send them to Scott's house where you knew darn well there was a stabbing vicitm, Scott couldn't call out to them, they came over because they heard Molly barking her head off.
Anyway, he's in the hospital now and they're watching him carefully, both the fluid coming from his lung and the other wounds.
I am indeed glad I came down as Tiffany felt comfortable sleeping at home with me here and this morning I'm trying to catch up on laundry etc while she sleeps, since she got no sleep Thursday night.
I haven't seen the girls yet, they have volleyball and swimming, etc and I thnk Tiff's trying to keep from disrupting their routine very much. She was on the news last night, the ran a brief story on the attack but of course everything was 'alleged' and 'he says' which was pretty infuriating. Knowing why they do it doesn't make it easier to hear 'he says he was stabbed' while you're looking at the stab wounds. 'Says' nothing you moron, he was stabbed, aaarrrggghhhh! *shakes fist at tv screen*

That's it for now, we'll probably head back to the hospital soon, more later.

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