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Written Sunday
Thanks to everyone for your comments and well wishes. Someone who doesn't spend much time on-line might not think it means much but if you have any kind of on-line community at all it means a lot.
It's gorgeous down here in North Carolina, high of 80 and sunny.
Not much new to report from the hospital, we spent about nine hours there yesterday. Scott seemed to be dong a bit better, they're probably going to take the chest tube out today so he should be home tomorrow or Tuesday. Mom and Dad should arrive this afternoon, so that's good.
I feel bad for one woman that's right next door to Scott, she kept calling for her mother, "Mom, mom, mommy, mooommy....." I asked Scott how old she was and he said she's actually our age but had a brain injury of some sort and had apparently regressed. That would be tough. He didn't think she was ever supposed to get better either.
That's one thing that's hard to remember, mostly because it's difficult to think about--it could have been so much worse, if he had lost more blood or been stabbed an inch to the left or right....
The girls still seem to be coping ok, staying with their friends but calling every couple of hours to make sure everything's ok. No one has offered any of them any type of counseling or set up any future counseling, which I find to be a bit odd. There are obviously going to be some issues for all of them.
Tiff's brother came by yesterday, early in the day and then in the time honored tradition of hospital rooms he got five visitors (not counting us) all at once. Three of them were neighbors who came by to wish him well and offer their help to Tiff and also talk about how they felt having this happen in their neighborhood. No one saw anything of the attack except a 12 year-old who thought the neighbor was punching Scott (which is what Scott thought at first) and was scared by that and rode his bike past them and home.

Monday--Found out this morning they STILL haven't taken the tube out, he has some air bubbles in his lung. They're going to look at them again later and see if they're small enough to be reabsorbed on their own, if not, not only does the tube stay in but the suction (which they had turned off) goes back on.
But as his nurse Elizabeth said, it's better not to hurry home only to have to come back so I guess he'll just have to be patient.
No news on the legal front yet, but my folks made it down ok and will probably be here for the week, so that's good. It didn't seem as though they were inclined to come down at first but I think it's important that they did.

More later, inlcuding some Flocked pictures of my nieces.

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