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(Rant about St. Louis' lame-ass airport deleted)

Made it home last night, flights went well but it was hard to leave. Especially since Scott asked if I couldn't stay longer, that meant a lot because usually they're ready for me to leave before its time for me to go, so it was nice to have him ask me to stay. He found out yesterday morning the tube (which his nurse explained was about 6-10" long inside his chest) wasn't coming out anytime soon as air was still leaking into his chest cavity from his punctured lung. They are keeping him until they're sure the leak has stopped and his lung won't collapse again.
That's a little uncomfortable, plus it means he has to lay fairly still, which is hard for a guy who plays tennis six days a week. So he's trying to deal with constant discomfort and pain, so far that hasn't made him ill-tempered and snappish as it can for anyone, and he's going from being in-control to having to lay still and do what random strangers wearing scrubs tell him to do.
There still wasn't any legal action as of Monday night. I still can't understand why the guy wasn't arrested. Apparently three years ago he actually told Scott that he was going to kill him, "Someday when you're wife's not home and you're kids aren't home, I'm, going to kill you." They took it seriously enough at the time to report it to the police.
So now that I'm gone I'm not sure where she's going to stay--the neighbor, his wife and their three grown kids are living right next door, I wouldn't be anxious to go home by myself and the girls are certainly too scared to be there by themselves. I think in my Sister-in-Law's head, the guy being arrested (but probably making bail) would make her safe because then he'd know what he did was wrong. Pretty sure he already knows that. Arresting him might actually make them less safe than more. I'm not saying he shouldn't be arrested, I'm just saying it won't solve any of her fear problems. Speaking of which, STILL no counseling offered to any of them by anyone. Not even for the girls by their school counselors, afaik.
Thanks again for all of your thoughts and well-wishes everyone.


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