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I talked to Dad yesterday and he told me Scott was home from the hospital and glad of it. He was mostly sleeping, which makes sense, as everyone knows, even if you're not in pain they never let you get much sleep in the hospital.
So he and his family are home.

I called him today and he said he's still in pain, mostly because they didn't send him home with any morphine shots, just percocet (sp?) and he's trying to take as little as he can.
They heard from the DA and the neighbor should be arrested this weekend on charges of 'assault with a deadly weapon' and 'assault with intent to do bodily harm' if I'm remembering correctly. Pretty pissant charges but at least it's something official. An official slap on the wrist but...who knows maybe it will be enough to get him to move.
But it was good to see him (if the circumstances were pretty horrible) and when we got off the phone we agreed to try to keep in touch better. It's hard for me to talk to him for any length of time in some ways, he doesn't get along well with my parents and he's not getting enough blood to the brain and holds some views that I find to be, well, stupid. Wrongheaded at the very least. That's why it takes some effort for us to stay in touch, but I feel it's important to stay in touch with him. It would be easy enough (and has been) to let months go by (and in the future when my folks are gone, years) without talking or even emailing. But if something sudden does happen I want to be able to think of him without guilt and without feeling that I should have tried harder to stay friends, at least.
So that's the update, it could have been much much worse obviously and I doubt we'll ever know why the neighbor attacked him like that. I've felt like slapping him many times but...

Thanks again to you all for your support, good thoughts and well wishes for us, it reminded me again of why I started doing this in the first place and that connections are important and flow both ways. That's not to say I'm going to catch up for months of being a bad LJ friend but I'm definitely planning on keeping up from now on. I do miss reading everyone's thoughts and daily trials and victories.
In other news, I finally watched the "Heroes" season finale so now I can go back and read everyone's thoughts on that.

As a bonus, here's a picture of one of their dogs, Henry, who's completely adorable.

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