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Elephants That Are on FIRE

Mom left me a voicemail this morning to let me know all was well with my brother and that the neighbor was arrested this morning on (she says) a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. He's out on bail of course but at least the wheels of justice have started grinding.
This weeked was busy but good. Saturday I finally made it to American Science and Surplus, in part just to see what they had and in part to pick up a birthday gift that wasn't a Borders' gift card. I was going to try to find a couple geocaches as well but I left my 'cache printouts at home so I pottered around until it was time for the birthday party. That was quite fun, yummy food (mmmm, cheese, cookies and cake) was eaten and games were played. I didn't stay very late though as I had to be in Wheeling before 9am for the Chicago Geocaching Meetup and Cache In Trash Out event. There were three of us for that including one new (more experienced) member and I found my 100th cache so I can now hide one of my own. I have a spot in mind, I'll see if it will work out or not. After caching we went to Claim Jumpers (yet another brand new one) where they seated us even though we were a little grungy after walking around in the very damp forest preserve earlier. Then it was home to clean up for PotC3 which I quite liked. There was a lot going on in this one and they did a good job of fitting all the recurring characters in, including the two hapless British guards from the beginning of the first movie. Once again it was worth staying through the interminable credits to see the (not-insignificant scene) at the end.
Today I had a little trouble getting off the couch this morning as it was gray and blah, but that was just as well, I finished A Long Way Gone for tomorrow's book club. After that it was time for another birthday party which was lots of fun. Saw some hilarious stuff on the intertubes and got a couple of good links to look at later. Met some new folks and spent time talking to others I don't see/speak to often enough.
Now I'm home, getting caught up on stuff and hoping I remember I have to get up for work tomorrow.

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