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What I learned yesterday....

The first thing I learned is that when Woodsmom tells you to wear long pants to a CITO, you should wear long pants. No matter how much you want some sun, or how hot you think it will be, WEAR THE LONG FREAKING PANTS.

Whatta moroon Whatta moroon

This is what happens when you don't listen when the ranger tells you to wear long pants to a CITO.

I also learned that Wild Grocery Carts don't resist capture in any way except to play dead, so they're not much of a threat.

The Wild Grocery Cart Stalked and Captured by Eagleson and Co. The Wild Grocery Cart Stalked and Captured by Eagleson and Co.

After the CITO/Riversweep I only had the 'legs' to find two other caches, my legs were itching something fierce and I was worried that I'd managed to roll around in poison ivy. (Just went to wiki poison ivy, turns out it looks nothing like the vague idea I had of it's appearance. Good thing I took one piece of Woodsmom's advice and washed as soon as I got home with regular soap, only a slight itching today.) Trying for the third cache I gave up, since it was in tall grass. And on the other side of the river. While tromping around in the grass though I did startle a faun, but it moved too fast for me to get my camera out. It was still young enough to have spots on it's back. It was pretty cool, once my heart stopped pounding.

The tall grass made my legs itch even worse though, so I called it quits, went home, washed the mud and (possible) plant toxins off, then went into the city to help erinor_rigby move from her hated old apartment to her shiny new condo. It even smelled new when we got there, but after we'd moved all her and her roommie's stuff in, then sat around eating pizza and watching "Strictly Ballroom", we had funked it up pretty good. (As a side note, Paul Mercurio is not 'fat and middle-aged', just middle-aged.)
Then it was time to go home. On the way home I learned that gasoline tanker truck drivers have just as much 'road pride' as the next man and don't like to give way....even to each other.

That's right, the Irving Park on-ramp to the Kennedy was blocked last night by two side-by-side gas tanker trucks. They were 'parked' pretty much right next to each other, with just a few feet between them, and a few feet between both of the trucks and the cement sidewalls of the ramp. Nice.
Even smrtr people were pulling onto the already clogged on-ramp, even though both truck drivers were out of their cabs and the trucks were clearly not going anywhere for some time.

While I was working on pics from today's adventures c0defiant came by with some yummy soft tacos and horchata (that link goes to a pdf of El Famous' menu, they don't have a website. Yeah, I don't know what they're thinking either.) Then it was definitely time for sleep.

Today I'm celebrating my mom's 72nd birthday (no, that doesn't make me 50, but thanks for asking) by having a nice lunch and planting some flowers for her. I might leave a little early though to catch "Hot Fuzz" before it leaves theaters for good.

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