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Jun. 5th, 2007

Finished reading White Night (finally) and now I want to go back and read all of the Dresden books again to catch the hints and little details about Harry's past and his family. It would be nice to get caught up on my reading and have time to steam through all nine books again, but I'd also like to read the next novel in Jim Butcher's fantasy series, along with Charles Stross' lastest additions to his two series, John Scalzi's last book in The Old Man's War trilogy, and my last unread Chuck Klosterman book, among others.
In other news please note my fantastic new icon, that thedivinegoat made out of Joss Whedon's Equality Now speech. Go look, there's lots of colors. Probably everyone has one already and I just hadn't noticed.

Thought I had more to say than this but I guess I'm still a little shell-shocked from the ending of the Dresden book. Anyone who's read it care to hazard a guess as to the identity of Cowl? I'm pretty sure I know who it 'really' is but maybe someone else has a better idea.

I really really want to start another book, but need to hold off so I can leap right on Ammonite, no, wait, Ammonite, , no, that's not it......hm, maybe Ammonite. Nope, ah, here it is, Ammonite, by Nicola Griffith, for this month's SF Close Reading Group.

Picked a time and a place for June's Chicagoland Geocaching Meetup, I hope we get a few folks out for this, it should be fun. If the weather turns nasty we can always to do the Woodfield Trolley series.

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