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Peanut-butter cup ice cream for dinner!

Went to the GONIL (Geocachers of Northern Illinois) Ice Cream social tonight and had a much better time than at the first one. The title of the post refers to what I had for dinner as I didn't have time to eat before going to the social, so I had a large cone of peanut butter cup ice cream, yum! The social was outside in 'Downtown' Tinley Park which is is pretty cute, with the old buildings, fountain, etc. They had a pretty good idea too, instead of decorating cows, fake furniture, or mini-cars, they decorate nice roomy benches and place them along the sidewalk! Their theme this year seems to be classic board games as there was a Twister bench (with spinner), a Candyland bench and (see below) a working Operation bench! A couple of the kids were trying their hand at it, and it lit up and buzzed, just like it's supposed to. Pretty nifty! (I know the picture's a little blurry but you get the idea.) The ice cream was bought at Sam & Jake' Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor which was pretty neat too.
Talked to Pizza_Lovers, one of the members of the Geocaching Meetup Group and met the rest of her family, also had a chance to talk to some 'cachers I've met at CITO's. It was nice to be a little more comfortable with the group, MamaDuck, Xyval, JakesDiner, CacheMeWhoCan, Michigan_Chris, F3lix aaaand I'm probably forgetting some folks, were very friendly.
Took about an hour to get there though, thanks to, you guessed it, bad traffic due to construction.
Speaking of construction it looks very much like I'll be able to walk/roller-blade to work for the next month or so. The main intersection I need to use to get to work is closed, going around would at least double my 10 minute commute. Plus since the road is closed no one from work will be driving by offering to give me a ride or chuckling at my roller-blading. It will take 25 minutes but be much more relaxing and environmentally friendly.
Still reading Ammonite, will probably finish tomorrow night. I like it very much so far. The ultimate severe-temperatures survival business was a bit much but I'm very interested to see where the story goes. I'm also wondering what pyropyga will make of it given his anti-Nobel Savage stance. The Jeep natives are definitely supposed to be Noble Savages but they have only been cut off from Earth for 200 years (IIRC) so I'm not sure they really are another race.

Operation! Bench
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