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CITO, Books and Cats

First things first, by the time I hit 'post' it will be June 17th, c0defiant's birthday!
Happy Birthday Kevin!
(Where's the keg of Blue Moon?)

This morning came way too early as I had to be in Cary to do a CITO out there at a park that apparently badly needed some garbage removal. I picked up some cookies and chips to add to the picnic afterwards, got some caffine for the road and made the drive in just over an hour. Once I got there, signed the waiver and found everyone else I was already half-melted. It was pretty hot and most of the area was in the sun. HOWEVER, I was still glad of the long pants I made myself wear as there were definitely stinging nettles, thistles and thorns all over. There was also a LOT of dangerous trash, it's no wonder that area of the park is closed to the public. The former owners of the site apparently "Abandoned in Place". I have some pics up on my flickr page and there's more at the CITO gallery. Met a few new faces to go with names I recognized and "remet" some folks I'd met before. After the cache the organizer had gotten a nice picnic together, there was much comparing of units (GPSr units that is), admiring of geocoins and I raffle. I apparently won a survival kit which is pretty cool. I wasn't around to collect it though as I had to go from Cary (at 12:30) to Oak Park (2:00) by way of a shower at home (not scheduled but very necessary).
Made it to the June iteration of the chicago-sf.org Close Reading Group where most of us mostly liked this month's book, Ammonite. After a couple hours of discussing Ammonite (with a short tangent discussing a book only two people there had read) we toddled off to the Maple Leaf for food. Discussing is hungry work! It was apparently the cook's first day (first day there, or first day cooking?, could have been either) and I'm pretty sure everyone's order got messed up somehow.
Then it was off to a friend's house to visit her an her new kitten. She's a real cutie and loves to play.
Nothing much exciting but between the early morning, the heat and the running around I'm beat.

Just for Karen
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I feel like that kitten picture is missing some text but can't think what to put there.

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