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A pretty uneventful week really.
Monday I was considering going to see The Indigo Girls (one of my favorite bands) at Ravinia, but between being worn out from all the activity over the weekend and the killing heat on Monday I decided not to go. I'd like to see them live again as I've only seen them twice but it was likely to be a very crowded show and the stress of getting there on time, dealing with the crowds and getting home late felt like a bit too much. I very rarely go see live music during the week, mostly for those reasons.
Tuesday was useless, I think I played too much Jungle Gin at pogo.com.
Wednesday was nice, a couple friends and I went to Hyde Park to have dinner with pyropyga on his birthday. We went to The Dixie Kitchen and Baitshop, a southern themed restaurant. I hadn't been there for _years_ but it was pretty much as I remembered except that the menu was much more limited than I remembered. I got two planks of deep fried catfish with mashed sweet potatoes, very yummy. Since dessert was limited to pecan pie or peach cobbler we decided to head for Borders and got some decadent cheesecake thing there that was very yummy. Then (since it was a weeknight) it was time to head home, by-passing the early Taste of Chicago crowds.
That was pretty much it until Friday when I wound up meeting some folks from work at a local bar for a few beers. One of the guys also works part time at Borders so we had fun comparing notes about what it was like then vs. now. On my walk home I attempted to call someone but wound up accidentally calling carneggy instead and we had a nice chat before he headed out for the weekend.
I accidentally called him as the screen on my phone had died and I was trying to use the voice-dial cues and beeps of my phone's phone book to place a call. I never realized how important that screen was. I went to Cingular on Saturday morning to see if perhaps it was a known issue with an easy fix. Alas, no. The guy did give me the name and address of a cell phone repair shop though, so three hours and $45 the phone is as good as new. (It's a year and a half old, and out of warranty. I didn't go with the "pay us $5 a month and we'll replace it for free if it gets lost/stolen/dunked", which by now would have cost as much as a new phone anyway.) Found a bunch of geocaches Saturday while I was waiting for the phone to be repaired. The coolest one was an artesian well in Elmhurst on the banks of Salt Creek. Every half hour this little five-foot pool fills itself, sends water tinkling down the bank to the creek then, very suddenly it drains with a sound like a flushing toilet. It stays empty for about 8 minutes, then just as quickly, refills itself with lots of gurgles and splashing. Very cool thing to watch. I have video of it but it's too long to post.
Finished reading The Jennifer Morgue which was very cool and highly entertaining. I don't want to say much more because there are a couple of nice surprises in there. Just read it, it's a great ride.
Started on Little, Big, and entirely different kind of book written in an utterly charming voice and (at least so far) completely gadget-free.

Sunday I went to see my folks, then met some friends for Die Hardest which was solidly entertaining. After that I went home and poked at my new caching tool, got it up and running today. With the negative buzz around the iPhone, not having to get a new regular phone and really really wanting to, I've finally gone paperless with my caching habit. I'll be up to 500 in no time (hah!). There are quite a few GONIL events coming up which I'm excited about. It's always nice to get to know my fellow cachers better and meet new ones.
I called my brother yesterday as well, just to check in and see how he's doing.
He was in Charleston , surfing. My S-i-L was outside in the garden, my niece (the one who wasn't surfing with my brother) said the SiL had just started watering or something and would call me when she got done. She's been out there over 24 hours now. :-P I figure this makes it officialy Their Turn to Call, I just hope when they get around to it it's not like the last time I got a call from them.
That's about it around here, there are some Fourth of July activities of course, the usual, but I hate holidays in the middle of the week, they're discombobulating. (Wow, the spell checker knows that word. Cool.)

Whoops, almost forgot, I made the first of my DinnerbyDesign dinners tonight, Cajun Sausage Stir Fry (with gem potatoes I added). I was, _okay_. We'll see how the Lime Tequila chicken grills up tomorrow night. That should be good.

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