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A Happy Fourth!

Went to LaGrange last night for BBQ and fireworks with the Usual Suspects and special guests The Boys! Haven't seen them since NYE. No one (including me) seemed to want my lime tequila chicken, it was all about the onion burgers last night. And the salad, Kenny and Kip brought a fantastic salad that I need to get he recipe for. It sounded easy and truly healthy, not just salad as a cheese and dressing vector. For unhealthy salad, someone made Red, White and Bleu potato salad featuring bacon and bleu cheese. Yum! Once the fireworks started we remembered that we can see better in the church parking lot so we moved and even from there it wasn't great. I volunteered to hold down a couple blankets worth of space next year so we can be right underneath the 'works. We'll still be able to walk there but it will be nice to feel as well as see them. Took a few pictures with my camera but the 'fireworks' setting probably works better when you're less than a third of a mile away. Got home around midnight and saw there was a new geocache in Oak Brook. I actually thought about trying to grab it but it was a micro and on a bridge and by then it was also pouring rain outside.
Decided to get up earlier than I would normally on a holiday to try for the First to Find in the morning.
Got up, got out, horsed around on the bridge, and just as I was getting ready to give up saw two geocachers I knew come biking down the sidewalk. The guy found the cache in a place I'd already looked, but hadn't reached into far enough. While we were signing the log an Oak Brook police officer stopped to ask if we were ok. That was probably my fault as 'stealth' is not my strong suit when 'caching. We had the second and third to find, someone else had already beaten us to it. After that I continued caching and went 12 for 14 on the day. Pretty good. I ran into two other cachers as well. One group, a guy and his son, were having their first day out caching, trying their luck with something (I thought he said MapMan but can't find any such thing) that only finds addresses, not lat/long co-ords. That would be tough. His son had a good eye though and spotted the micro I had missed.
By the time I was ready to call it quits I was too tired and sunburned to attend the Chicago-sf.org shindig at mstanfa's so I went home, logged my finds and tried out the new lotion for morons who forget to put on sunscreen. It's very nice, light but moisturizing and not cold or stinging. Wound up chatting on the GONIL site with a bunch of other folks who had spent their day the same way I did.
Even though I know I have to go to work tomorrow as it's only Wednesday night (and not Saturday, like it has seemed all day) it wouldn't be a sucker bet that I'll turn my alarm off tomorrow morning while sleepily wondering why I left it on on the weekend.
That's why I'm posting tonight, it feels so much like the weekend it must be time for my weekly post!
Oh, grilled the lime tequila chicken on my George Foreman 'grill' and it's pretty good.
That's all until the real weekend. The good part is that will be in just a couple days and on Friday some of the 'old timers' at work are getting together at BW3, so another 'drinking with co-workers' excursion I can walk to, plus folks I don't often get a chance to talk to. Should be fun.
Hope everyone's day was filled with the fun they wanted!

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