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Jury Duty, I hope Jerry Springer's not on

Yep, that's right, I have jury duty tomorrow. I called the automated number you're supposed to and I was 35 people away from not having to show up. Probably won't be there for long though as I have a close friend who's a lawyer (she doesn't practice, but she could) and a family member who's a victim of a crime. (These are both questions in a survey on the back of the card they send you.)
Jury duty's not so bad, I've done it once before, got selected and served (for, IIRC, three days). The worst part was the 'holding pen' or whatever they call it where the jury pool waits to be called for voir dire. They had daytime tv playing on about 10 tv's at top volume. I'm definitely bringing my mp3 player with me, and a book (of course). I hope I don't get selected this time as I'm supposed to go to the Quad Cities to visit friends this weekend, leaving Friday. So getting selected for a trial would be bad.
This weekend was busy. Friday I went out with some of the 'old timers' (people who've been there longer than me) from work. We went to BW3 in Elmhurst so I got to walk there and have as much Guinness as I wanted. The Guinness went well with the new Parmesan and Garlic wing sauce (sounds strange but it was pretty good). Saturday we solved the puzzle cache (see earlier entry), then I went to help Pam and Tom pack for Boston ( * pout *). I can tell their move is imminent because the Kennedy's all fixed now. While we were taking a break we watched "Blink", which was a really great episode of Dr. Who good hour of television. A nice little thriller with no violence and several cool twists.
Sunday I went caching for a bit in the morning, running into five other geocachers while I was out. It's always fun to meet folks at a cache. Turns out the 'hider' of the first cache was lurking .while we hunted and introduced herself to the rest of the group later. Then I visited my folks for awhile before finally going to see "Oceans 13" with a friend. I'm glad she was ok with seeing it again as I'm not sure I would have bothered if I wasn't meeting her. I liked it ok, not as good as the first one but still highly entertaining. I'm not going to buy any more of the dvds until they do a nice one like they did for "Ocean's 11", the commentary track on that was hilarious.
Tonight was a concom meeting for Cap28, generally productive but I wished I had stopped off to get dinner beforehand. About half the group brought dinner with them and the Starbucks brownie I brought wasn't a proper dinner. Once I got home I grilled a couple of the feta-stuffed burgers from Dinner by Design. They turned out pretty good, if you like feta, which I do.
Tomorrow night (providing I'm not sequestered) is the chicago-sf.org social, not sure what kind of turnout we'll get. Probabaly that depends a lot on the weather.
I got my vacation request back so I'll have another long weekend next week, for a much-anticipated camping trip.

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