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Aaaaahhh. *contented sigh*

At last the heat has broken and we have several gorgeous summer days coming our way, starting today.
Jury duty was fine yesterday, they tried to impanel me but the accident the case was about and one of the attorneys were so similar to the facts of my case and other lawyer I had to deal with last year that when the judge asked if we could be impartial I shook my head 'no'. I don't think she believed me but it was true. The questions the one lawyer was asking were so similar (almost word for word) to what the Shyster Insurance Company's lawyer said last year (two years ago? I forget) that I was hating on her before I even sat in the jury box. (They both asked what seemed like common sense questions, 'would you shop around for a tv or buy the first one you saw?', 'if your check at a restaurant had an extra charge on it would you challenge it?' but they were asking those questions to try to get their company out of paying what they should pay for an accident. Gah. ) So I was excused to go back to the Jury Corral which was a lot nicer since I'd been there last, plenty of room, tv's at an ignorable volume, and as I saw when I was leaving, four internet kiosks. We were released at about 3pm so I toddled off to find some local caches. On my way to the first one I saw a sign for Cosley Zoo, who knew there was a zoo in Wheaton!?
I found two caches, one after leaping a stream in jury clothes. The last one I tried for was also the first, but there were muggles in the park earlier. I searched and came up empty so I checked the description on my Z22, and right at the bottom in all caps was "CAUTION: WATCH OUT FOR POISON IVY". Great. That's fantastic. Oh well, I was going to go home anyway.... Just as I was leaving the wooded area something that seemed to be a mini-tornado siren went off, I looked around and sure enough, it was getting pretty dark to the west.
Drove home in the rain (read 'slowly') and scrubbed off poison ivy (I hope) then went to the Chicago-sf.org monthly social. Not sure how many people we had (ETA: oneleggedman says there were 43) but there were a number of new faces and even a few faces that weren't new but hadn't shown up to a meetup before. It was pam and spot's last meetup before they move, this time next month they'll be in Boston, so I mostly hung out with them, I'll miss them a lot.
Tonight is "Hot Fuzz" at the Buffalo Grove theater. Finally. I don't care if anyone else can make it tonight, I'm seeing this damn movie. Maybe twice if it's really good.

ETA: Yup, thought so, tapped this out in a hurry this morning and then forgot to hit 'post'. D'oh.

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