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Hated the weather today while I was in the suburbs, but once I got downtown it seemed fine. I don't know why but lousy weather in the city has never bothered me. A nice sunny day is better of course, but if it HAS to be gray and rainy I'd rather be downtown.
I was downtown with a few friends to catch the last day of the "Medici, Michelangelo, and the Art of Late Renaissance Florence" exhibit at the Art Institute.
It was wonderful. I especially enjoyed the sculpture. I don't know that much about formally appreciating sculpture, I just enjoy looking at great examples of it. Also there were some terrific examples of (I forget the official name) in-laid stone, some panels and table-tops that were amazing. I wanted to get a catalog of the exhibit since they usually have lots more information than is on the audio tour and various plaques.
After seeing that exhibit, we went to the photography gallery. I was disappointed that just one small part of it was open, the rest of the photography area looked as though it was being set up or torn down.
Then we went to see the Thorne Miniature Rooms. They were great, just as good as Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle at the Museum of Science and Industry. They are separate rooms, not part of one big building, but they span several time periods and many locations. Also every room had a view! A little landscape panting with some silk plants in most cases, but the balcony of a modern Californian apartment overlooked the night-time skyline of LA! Many rooms also had open doors that led into secondary rooms which were just as well done as the main room. According to the brochure the rooms are intended as architectural and decorative arts studies. They are also beautiful objects themselves and contain some amazing workmanship. I thought the most impressive pieces were the hand sewn miniature needlepoint rugs, almost every room had at least one, and many rooms had even smaller stitching in the form of tiny needle work projects left half finished by some refined 6-inch tall lady! There was even a microscopic piece of knitting in the Pennsylvania kitchen. If you are ever in the Art Institute these rooms are definitely worth a look.
After that it was time to head home, as three out of four of us (including me) had colds and the dayquil, etc was wearing off.


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