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It seems there's been another Great Outage. That's just great, my only remaining free night this week and LJ's down for the count. Super.
Oh well, maybe I'll actually work on a post to jam up their servers when they come back.
Camping, how great was that camping trip?
It was so great it was
But first, here are some pictures.

Pretty nearly everything went well and was as I expected, with one major exception.
Wednesday night erikvolson picked me up, shoe-horned all my crap into his car along with all his crap, and we hit the road. Got on the interstate a little before 7 and were making good time, and then the skies opened and it started bucketing down. Most of the other drivers were behaving themselves, but still....I was glad it wasn't me driving. We made it through the rain though, out of Illinois and into Wisconsin. Got to Green Bay around 10:30, and were out like lights. Went to Perkins for breakfast the next morning where the waitress got a bump to her tip when she offered us to-go cups of coffee and came back with a coffee Big Gulps for us. We took a detour getting out of town so I could see Green Bay from the bridge (the lake was pretty, the land was industrial) and then were on our way north. Because the road had been made a double highway some distance from Green Bay we made excellent time and were able to stop for a few geocaches, with the prettiest site being Dave's Falls where I took some great pictures. It was a very cool waterfall made even better by the fact there were no fences or guardrails or anything around the falls, you could get as close as you wanted to. Unfortunately I don't have any of the pictures I took there. When we stopped again in the Upper Peninsula at another waterfall geocache ("Can You Fall in the Gorge?") I lost my camera. I must have left it sitting on a rock or not put it all the way in a pocket or something because part-way through the multi-cache I went to take a picture and I didn't have it. When we went back to try and find it it was already gone. Gah! I just got it in December and loved it, it was pocket sized but had a 7x optical zoom and also it had a 2gb memory card in it that was a birthday present. So very maddening as it was my own darned fault. Luckily Erik had two cameras with him and let me use one of them the rest of the weekend but still...mine is gone. *sigh*
We did find the cache though, along with a few others on our way up. The scenery along the way was pleasant and the weather was great. We stopped a couple times at various scenic overlooks, and were on The Sands around 5, plenty of time to set up the tent and get settled while it was still light. That night we had a campfire, star-gazed and saw some Northern Lights. It wasn't a spectacular show but it was still pretty cool to see them for myself.
Friday we did some sightseeing and a short hike, along Hunter's Point. It's a very pretty park with views of Copper Harbor and the lake and (of course) a geocache. I also found some greenstone there, small green pebbles embedded in the rock along the shore. We also went to the top of Brockway Mountain and out on Brockway Nose. After a side-trip to find ice (harder than you might think) we went back to camp, cooked hot-dogs over the fire and had another nice night of s'mores and stargazing. beamjockey got his ukulele out and got everyone singing, that was fun!
Saturday was the busiest day with the most GTers present, I mostly stayed out of the way in the pavillion, watching the goings on and trying to figure out the pattern for toe-up socks that I had loaded onto my Palm. I did get a chance to cook over a very unusual fire, that was pretty cool. Speaking of cool, there was also liquid oxygen ice cream on Saturday in a bunch of delicious flavors.
Saturday night was more s'mores, stars, and singing.
Sunday we struck camp, packed up the shower, etc and headed home, once again having great luck on the drive.
It was a fantastic weekend, lots of nature, peace and quiet, too much bad (and by bad I mean yummy) food, and some really loud noises. The best part though was meeting lots of new folks (hi guys!) and getting to know people I'd already met at various cons a bit better.

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