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Well, bugger.

After unpacking, doing some laundry, and shunning human contact on Monday and Tuesday night I was double-booked tonight. I had hoped to be able to go to the dinner meeting I had to go to and then make the July GONIL Ice Cream Social afterwards. I did make it to Culver's, but just in time for the last stragglers to leave. A couple folks hung out with me for a bit but it was nearly ten by that time. I did get my raffle prize from the June CITO (thanks Rocky and Gymson!) and a Turtle Concrete Mixer (mmmm, tuuurtle) so it was worth showing up. I missed seeing a few folks I had wanted to see and meeting some people who (so far) are just handles at geocaching.com and on the GONIL forums. I also missed the Donations Guy by about fifteen minutes, so I'll have to use paypal after all, which I hate, I just hate that they get money for nothing. They're big enough at this point that they could reduce their cut and _still_ make money hand over fist.
I'm double-booked again tomorrow night-the work book group meets and I'm supposed to meet some friends for coffee. Not a problem except both are happening at the same time. I'll probably just go for coffee, as I'm still reading Little, Big and haven't even picked up a copy of tomorrow's book, The Stolen Child which would dovetail nicely with Little, Big as there is (at least) one stolen child in that novel as well.
Today marks six weeks of rollerblading and/or walking to and from work. I haven't driven to work since they closed the County Line/Frontage Road intersection. So the new 'blades were definitely a worthwhile purchase, I don't know that I would have kept it up if I had tried to keep using the old and busted pair I had. I've been very lucky with the weather also, it sprinkled a little bit this morning while the sun was out (but no rainbow, what's up with that?) and it has started to rain a little on my way home a couple times, but other than that the weather has been favorable. Of course, just saying this means it will be raining cats and dogs tomorrow when I get up, so everyone who's been wanting some rain for their lawn and/or garden...you're welcome.

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