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The busy continues...

Went to carneggy's for games on Friday but got there late so I watched a game of Lord of the Rings board game which I found pretty confusing. It seemed difficult to win but the group pulled it out and defeated Sauron. Then we played a couple rounds of Munchkin but I couldn't keep my eyes open for long, which was weird, I shouldn't have been as tired as I was. It was nice to see carneggy, erinor_rigby, and januarynext though.
Saturday I slept in then went out to my folks' house to work on planning their anniversary party. On the way there I had a record-breaking 40 minute (!!) conversation with my brother who is doing fine (thanks to everyone who has been asking) but wasn't really inclined to talk about the upcoming trial (they have a date, Sept18th).
Saturday night I went to a friend's new place to have pizza and play Michigan Rummy/Tripoli. It was a fun night even if the penny piggy bank went home a little lighter. I drank too much iced coffee though and couldn't fall asleep for ages. I shouldn't have had the coffee but I figured if I'm going to fall asleep for no reason playing Munchkin one night, then coffee won't keep me up the next. Hah.
Today was the Chicago Geocaching Meetup, we had a returning member and two new (to meetup) people. It was a good day with five finds and two 'did not finds'. We also met a Great Dane, Hogan, who is an inch and a half shorter than the world'd biggest dog. His owner said he was 41" at the shoulder. He was really calm and friendly which is a good thing, because damn was he huge!
I'm looking forward to going out for (decaf) coffee later this week as a friend from California is in town, it will be nice to catch up with her.
Friday, right after work I leave for Michigan for a long weekend of reading and lazing around by a small lake at a friend's cabin. I'm looking forward to all that forced time away from the intertubes, maybe I'll actually finish a book or two. I'm definitely going to have fun sitting around the fire, making s'mores, toasting salami, and looking for meteors. The Perseids peak on the 12th so we should see some early arrivals this weekend. Even if we don't there's still an amazing amount of stars to enjoy up there, away from the 'orange glow in the east'.
Last but not least, I'm sad I wasn't there Saturday to wish razornails
The very happiest anniversary of the day of her birth!!

(That looks pretty manga-y, right?)

Geocachers, blurry after a long afternoon of caching.

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