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Elephants That Are on FIRE

Large pic of REALLY large dog

Ok, unhipster, here you go.
The picture below was taken by a fellow geocacher yesterday while we were out using a billion dollar satellite system to find tupperware in the woods.

As MGBMusic says in his caption, "Hogan, not the world's biggest dog (1 1/2" short), but certainly the biggest boy I've ever seen. Owner (in pic) stands at 5'6" to give you reference." Hogan was very placid and seemed quite friendly and happy to be petted.

In other news, work sucked today. They took me off of teamleading effective tomorrow. They said it's because I had three errors in July. That's three times out of 13,000 that I sent out the wrong amount of material. Just the wrong amount, not the wrong material. I got my raise earlier today and it was decent but I'm still not happy not to be in charge. I really hate not teamleading. Plus they're moving me to a different team and I'll be working on the second level. It's generally about 10° warmer up there. Great. But to avoid any unsightly weight-loss it's the best fed team, they're always bringing in treats.
I'm sure I'll live, and it's still a good job, but .....I'm going to be unhappy about this move and change for a while.

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