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Home and (mostly) dry

It was an interesting day weather-wise in Chicago, some fast moving storms created havoc all over Chicagoland and a number of funnel clouds were spotted while very high winds (80 mph) did their work on buildings and trees.
At work, for the first time ever, we were told that to drop what we were doing and proceed to the strongest part of the building as hazardous weather was headed our way. We waited around for about a half an hour and then went back to work. When I was on my way home it seemed as though almost every tree had sustained damage and the usual road I take was blocked by a fallen tree. It was exciting enough that the couple phone calls I tried to make after work didn't go through right away, I got the "Call failed, network busy" message, which hasn't happened since the last big snowfall. Looking at the electronic digital clocks it seems the power went out around the same time we were waiting out the storm away from all of our large plate-glass windows at work. (Which makes sense as I live about a mile away from work.)
A few minutes ago it was raining cats and dogs here with close-by lightening and unusually loud thunder, but now it's just a drizzle with echoes of far-off thunder. Not sure if we're really going to get anything more tonight or not.
So, no flooding, no damage and I do have electricity, although since I just started The Golden Compass an evening of reading by candlelight wouldn't be a terrible tragedy.
I was going to try to go to mars19's house for a showing of some fan-made internet episodes of "Star Trek", but I wussed out. Mainly I figured I'd wind up spending most of the evening in my car getting too and from, dodging deep puddles and downed trees, instead of having fun, so I bailed.
Tuesday was good, we went to see "Waitress" for chicago-sf.org's monthly dollar movie night. It was not quite what I expected but I did like it overall, especially Andy Griffith's character.
Last night was a get-together with friends at the Cheesecake Factory and afterwards we had a little time to wander around Woodfield. I bought a nifty HP tee-shirt and wore it to work today, where about two people realized what the design was.
I hope everyone else managed to stay out of harm's way and not get flooded.

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