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Written August 31....
Haven't posted much lately. I've been busy but no events, just little stuff. Nothing really post worthy. Unless I want to go with the "How 'bout those Cubs?" and "Isn't this weather perfect?" post, both of which would fit well.
I'm going to try and muscle through Brasyl this weekend but all of the Portuguese/Brazilian dialect is tripping me up a little. I generally don't get much reading done sitting in front of the computer but I may not have a choice with this book. So far it's not grabbing me, it's not bad, but I'm not into it either. We shall see.
Tomorrow is a visit to mom and dad's, then a movie later on. Sunday I'm still planning on going to Bristol by myself so I can see what I want to and leave when I wish. Monday I think I'm going to head to Chinatown to check out the hours/prices/parking for the October dimsum outing I'm trying to plan. Also maybe place a couple caches to be hunted that day. We'll see.
Watched the pilot of a new (to me anyway) tv series, "Psych" which was pretty entertaining, I have to say. OTOH I can see how the main character could get a bit annoying after a while.
I got a flickr pro account recently so I'll probably spend some time uploading some older photos and (I hope) taking more new ones and posting them. Chinatown and Bristol should be good for that.

Written Today
I went to Mom and Dad's but not before getting a webcam cache which my mother saved the picture for. It's the second closest one to me so it will be nice to get that one out of the way. After visiting with the folks I grabbed a couple more caches, one of which had a bunch of logs saying 'tough to find'. Not for me, not this time! I was happy to find this one so easily since it always seems to be harder for me to make the find, I guess not every time though.
After caching I went to see SuperBad which I liked quite a bit. It wasn't as funny as "40 Year Old Virgin" but it did have its moments. There were two in particular that were worth the price of admission.
Sunday I went down to Chinatown to scout for the Geocaching Meetup's 'eat and cache' outing in October. The Phoenix was crowded but it didn't take me too long to get a table. I forgot though that you really need at least two people if you're going to eat dimsum, the plates are intended for two to share. Thus I was only able to try five things, but they were all good and enough food for 2 came in at $24 so it was reasonable also. Parking there has gone up a bit, but it's still not bad ($8 for five hours). They do have metered parking there but I never saw ONE open spot. While I was finishing up aimee_darling called from Bristol so I went up there and got into the parking line in only an hour and a half. The parking line took a half hour to get through though. Didn't do much there, just hung out, got some new earrings from Nilsson's Alchemy (who will soon have an online store, something I did NOT need to know) and then went to Kopp's. They have good burgers, big enough that there was no room for custard after having one.
Today I went sailing with mgucciard and marniegucciard and a few of their friends. It was nice, the weather was great but after taking four anti-motion sickness pills in 12 hours the rocking of the waves was just making me _painfully_ sleepy. Plus I had had my quota of sun for the month. Even with sunscreen on there's only so much of this behavior I can take.
A busier weekend than I had had planned but nice. The plans didn't go totally haywire but I took hardly any pictures.
Tomorrow's going to be another long day as it's the monthly social for Chicago-sf.org. For the first time in many months we won't have our own room. No one seems to know why but I doubt Dave and Busters will make that mistake again. (I was going to make "Dave and Buster's" a link but their site has annoying audio, so no link for them.) There's usually 40-odd people there so it should be interesting.

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