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Sep. 10th, 2007

Busy weekend, there wasn't much time to post really.
Thursday night was the first night of bowling (116, 110, and 132) it was fun as the four of us who bowled the majority of last season kicked off this season. This year we have a few more people on the team though so I shouldn't have to bowl every week, which will be nice. Don't know if we won as the team we bowled against were all new so they didn't have averages or handicaps yet.
Friday night I got ready for the picnic and caught up on some phone calls.
Saturday was a perfect day for the annual Geocaching picnic at a nice state park, . We had a picnic area to ourselves, plenty of sun, shade and room to spread out. The weather was sunny and breezy and there were hardly any skeeters. About 100 people came to the picnic, lots of new faces, for me and I got to spend time talking to folks I already knew also. We had a nice lunch and mostly sat around talking. I did learn how to play Hillbilly Horseshoes and won a set in the raffle later on. After the picnic I went straight to a friend's birthday party, it was pretty low-key but nice to hang out with a smaller group.
Sunday I had my folks over for a couple hours instead of going out to visit them. They were in town to attend the opening of our old church's new building and they came by my place to watch the Bears game and nap in between services. I went to a friend's for lunch and to admire her new HD tv.
Speaking of new tvs a post in a friend's blog inspired me to fiddle with my tv a bit more and now non-premium HD channels are coming in perfectly. I still haven't found those mythical un-blocked on-demand channels though.

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