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Fail! Pass!

Another busy week over and a new one's begun.
Tuesday I went to methodoverload's to admire his new tv and watch "The (USAian) Office" with him and a ravenous erinor_rigby. While there I got to meet Method's cat, she's an adorable small kitty that reminds me of my brother's former cat, Underpants. "The Office" was good, I hadn't watched it before and was curious how it would compare to Ricky Gervais' "Office". It was more absurd and less bleak. Steve Carrell's 'Mike' is just sad and to be pitied rather than something one wants to scrape off of one's shoe, like Gervais' 'David'. Also Dwight is much funnier than Gareth, if only because I don't expect him to keel over any minute due to starvation.
Anyway, Thursday I went for coffee with some friends and we saw the start of a high-speed motorcycle chase (in Elmhurst!).
Friday I had a vacation day. This was a pleasan t surprise as I thought I had used up all but a half-day of my vacation. I think what happened is they didn't count my time off visiting my brother as vacation. It went down as sick days I guess. I'm ok with that though as people with kids take 'sick days' when their child is sick but I don't have any kids so taking time for immediate family 'emergencies' must be viewed the same. So with this bonus day I went to get my car's emissions tested, which it failed. Arrrgh. They seemed to think that the 'check engine' light indicated inappropriate emissions. I thought it was just a general engine trouble light. I have until December to get the emissions in line, so it's not a panic. I'm still using the V-Power gas and its definitely running better but still chugging a little at start-up and takes a couple seconds to get going at stoplights. Got my plates renewed after that and then grabbed a couple forest preserve caches while there were more folks about. I even ran into a school group cleaning up one of the trails.
That night I went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with some of the girls from work. I wasn't looking forward to it as a couple women were going that I don't always get along with but one of my favorite co-workers had invited me so I wanted to go to talk to her. It turned out to be a really nice night, we all had a good time talking and laughing.
Saturday lverhulst, erikvolson, pheltzer, blur01, razornails, c0defiant, deusinnomen, aimee_darling, and other folks who's LJ status is unknown to me, had a storage pod cleanout and inventory for Capricon. That went really well, we organized and repacked the two pods and now know what we have and how much. The day was pretty much perfect--sunny and warm but not hot. Afterwards we went to Mickey Finn's Brewery for a late lunch/early dinner and some cask ale. I had the stout and the Scottish ale--both were very good. After that I got three caches in a couple pleasant parks within walking distance. Later that night we wound up going to the suburban Dave and Buster's with some of the out-of-town folks and some in-town folks. It was weird going to the Addison D&B's as it's eerily similar to the one downtown (where I go every month) with just enough differences to make a familiar seeming place feel strange.
Sunday I went to mars19's with a few other people to work on our WindyCon party. That took a while as roughing out a uniform pattern with novice sewers (which would be everyone that was there) laying out and cutting a pattern doesn't go quickly.
Today at work I _finally_ got my review. That actually went well, no surprises and we had a nice conversation. Too bad I have a different supervisor now.
Tomorrow is $1 Movie Night, we're going to see "Die Hard IV" which I'm looking forward to, I really liked it. My favorite is still "Die Hard 2", but this one comes in second.
Missed most of the Bears game and all of the Emmys, but I'm about to take a look at Go Fug Yourself so I'll see the most important part of the show.....

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