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Week in review

First a bit of fun, stolen from a mailing list I'm on....

> Q: How many fantasy characters does it take to change a light bulb?
> Epic Fantasy Writer: How many you got?
> Traditional Fantasy Writer: One. There can be only one Chosen One.
> Quest Fantasy Writer: One, but he must form a party of adventurers to retrieve the magic pliers first.
> Romantic Fantasy Writer: Two, but they must do it while sharing  a passionate kiss.
> Erotic Fantasy Writer: Three, but they must do it naked while sharing a passionate kiss.
> Horror Fantasy Writer: One, as long as it's a tentacle slivering from the bottomless pit.
> Urban fantasy writer: Three. A werewolf, a vampire, and a chic in  leather with a gun.
> Literary Fantasy Writer: One, but it will take me four pages to describe it.
> Slipstream Fantasy Writer: Is the light bulb an allegory for birth or death?
> Sci-Fi Writer: Who uses light bulbs? Honestly...
> And kip_w's addition....
>Mary Sue Writer: I can do it by my-- I mean, one.


This past week was pretty busy, $1 Movie Night at Buffalo Grove saw us with a decent crowd for "Die Hard IV", my second favorite movie of the series. The computer stuff was the least believable part of the whole movie there were many many laughable plot points having to do with computers but they did give you fair warning. Before Bruce Willis even shows up they had a hacker kid blow up his house on cue by hitting the delete key. Just a little heads up for the audience so we'd know what we were dealing with. The sidekick was really good though, for a while he had some great reactions ("Did you see that?" BW, 'See it? I did it!').
Then Thursday was bowling, where I made my average again, although I'm not proud of my first game (94, 116, 137). Bowled with two new team members against a familiar team. Not sure if we won 'cause a couple of their bowlers don't have averages yet. We were the last two teams bowling, that hasn't happened in a while. I was tired enough that I wasn't disappointed that no one wanted to hang around afterwards. One pair of 'teams' was done very early since only one of the teams had three no shows! It's a bit early in the season for that.
Friday Mom and Dad came over to help me clean my place to get it ready for company on Saturday. I'm not sure why they wanted to do that but since they offered.... I hope I never get that bored when I'm retired.
Saturday I picked up a Geocaching Meetup member at the Metra station and we made it to the CITO only an hour late. It didn't seem to matter as other folks arrived later than we did and there really wasn't much trash to pick up. The exception to that was an area where a church parking lot and the forest preserve met. We found a couple garbage bags full of beer bottles and cans there. Later on I was reminded that we were in Oak Brook when I found a smaller clutch of bottles and some of them were still unopened.
A couple experienced cachers I met on the trail helped me with my poison ivy id-ing skills. I'm pretty sure I could pick it out of a line up now. Didn't win anything in the raffle and then went off to find the three new caches hidden by the forest preserve staff for the event. Got done just in time to pick up the first book group members at the train station. After stopping off to acquire snacks we headed back to my place where at 2:05 I had a Mary Richards moment ('No one's going to come!') Every one showed up though and we wound up having a nice, if a bit unusual, meeting. I hadn't quite finished the book though (finished a couple minutes ago). After we were done discussing razornails made a tart for dragonbane, kittykatkatja, bijili's fabulous Pirate Party. There was tons of great food and good punch as usual. No one was proposed to at this party, it's probably just as well, that would be a tough tradition to keep up! It was a great time though, I got to pet the World's Smartest Cat and chat with folks to numerous to name.
Sunday I spent the day geocaching, going 8 for 11. While I was working on a fun multi-cache here I met some deer that not only weren't afraid of me, they seemed pretty put out that I hadn't brought them any treats. It was kind of strange to be surrounded by several large wild animals. After a while I stopped looking around at every twig snap, assuming that whatever noise I heard or movement I saw was a deer and not a forest preserve lurker. I hit 250 finds also, so that's about half a milestone. Sunday night a friend came over to watch the Bears' quarterback forget what a football is and what you're supposed to do with it.
Last night I watched three hours of tv. That's very unusual for me but "Chuck" looked entertaining (it was), I was excited to see the premiere of "Heroes" (it was good) and curious about "Journeyman" (we'll see).

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