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Can I get a D'oh! from the congregation?

Went to REI this Thursday for the Geocaching 101 Workshop announced on their website. I brought my laptop along as I wasn't sure how many people would be there or what their interest level would be. So if there were a lot of people there who were very interested or had tried it out before I could show them a couple of dedicated programs for it. When I arrived at REI two employees were in the parking lot and one of them came over and introduced himself to me. I thought, "Jeez, this is a friendly place!" Then he said "Marmot?" and I said 'Pardon me?'. "Are you from Marmot?" 'Nope.' He saw my laptop bag and Hogwarts crest on my t-shirt and thought I was a rep for Marmot, and outdoors company. Heh.
The presentation was a little um...unfocused. It wasn't too big a deal though since there were only a few people there. An older couple, a woman hiker, and a family. The presentation was ok, the presenter had a few facts wrong but they were minor details. The one thing they did right was to have some loaner GPSrs available and some temporary caches for us to find. The problem with that was the units didn't have the coordinates for the caches in them already and they were a type that it's a more time consuming to enter coordinates into. I couldn't really help either as I wasn't familiar with those particular units. I think everyone that was there had a good time anyway though, so that's good. I only gave out one card for GONIL.org which was mostly the reason I went.
Friday I went out with a bunch of people from work. They'd decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, which I can walk to, so that was nice. I talked with some folks I don't normally get to see and generally had fun. I also met Nigel Gnigel, a ceramic gnome who has quite the myspace page.
Saturday I was getting ready for a day of 'caching when a new cache popped up only four miles from me! I hurried to get ready, left and when I got there no one else had found it yet! Another first to find! Whee! Then I went to Chinatown and hid two geocaches (my first two hides!) so that there would be a few more caches for folks to find after stuffing ourselves with dimsum next week. The reviewer is even going to publish them on Saturday so someone in our group will get the First to Finds! After that I went back out to the 'burbs to find some more of the caches close to me, two of which were still soaking wet from August's flood. The section of forest preserve where I hunted the first two had a mariachi band practicing in the pavillion while I was there. I understand why they were practicing there, that music really carries, I heard them the whole time I was walking! I met a hiker and a biker at the next preserve and saw some more fearless deer. I also saw some little sprigs of poison ivy and (stupidly, very very very stupidly) decided that I would test it on my knee to see if I really am immune. So I squished the little leaves up and rubbed them on one knee (after wiping down with wetnaps first, as a control or something, I don't know, I already said I was dumb). After I wiped my hands off well (I thought) I distractedly wiped off the test patch on my knee too. D'oh!


Apparently I didn't wipe my hands off as well as I thought because I wound up with a small patch of PI right under my necklaces. I must have had some oil on my hands and it got on my necklaces. I swabbed down at Tim's with alcohol pads but it was already too late.

This morning I got some CVS Poison Ivy cream/soap and cortisone. I just used the cream/soap which is supposed to draw out the poison and it does feel better. There's a brand name that's supposed to work well but it was $40 and the guy who owns the company and the patent is apparently a nutjar. So far the CVS stuff is working pretty well. I'd really rather not have to have cortisone on at work tomorrow. It works ok but it looks funny. I'm just lucky that I only got a small patch of it and it's not too terribly itchy.
So I had to go out for my dad's birthday with unappetizing pink goo painted on where my necklaces usually are. Good thing he decided he wanted to go to Outback, and since the Bears were playing publicly embarrassing themselves today the place was pretty empty.
Now I'm home, trying not to itch, with "The Tube" (a music video channel that plays music videos? what a concept!) playing in the background, mainly because I'm curious as to what's coming next. Billy Joel? Blondie? Stevie Nicks? John Mayer? Sugar Ray? The Knack?! It's quite the crapshoot.
After The Knack was a video by Paolo Nutini (seriously) which was either the most pitch perfect retro ever or really was from the early 80's. Then they threw down with "Back to Life" by Soul to Soul. Nice.
Ok, Paolo is apparently a current pop sensation. That video was pretty amazingly 80's, I couldn't tell while I was watching it that it was a new song.
Now they're playing Everything but the Girl and a remix of "Missing". That's getting muted. Even after all this time I don't want to hear that song again, eleventy jillion times is quite enough, thank you.
Now some astrophysicist Phd and Paul Rodgers are performing "All Right Now" on The Tube.

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