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Oct. 9th, 2007

This week wasn't really busy, just Saturday.
Monday I stopped by the hospital to visit a friend of the family who was recovering from a surprise quadruple by-pass. I still don't know the whole story, or I should say, the actual story, since I heard it from my folks but he had some variety of heart attack that took a great deal of diagnosing to determine that's what it was. There was no pain just dizziness and nausea. The doctors finally got enough proof of it though to talk him into an angiogram where they found four major arteries nearly blocked. He went in on Thursday and was released the next Wednesday. Pretty fast recovery. That stuff still amazes me, not just that they can do it but that they can do that operation and get the patient home within a week, astounding!
Tuesday I took a nap before heading out to the chicago-sf.org monthly social. But it was not a good nap, it was a bad nap. One where you wake up muzzy-headed and with a headache you didn't have before napping. I decided that with an average of over 40 people a month they didn't need me to show up so I stayed home on the couch and read some more Glasshouse. I was hoping there would be some more info about The Eschaton in it but there doesn't seem to be. Also instead of immediately starting another long awaited book off of the 'To Be Read' stack I'm going to have to wait, since I need to buy and read The Execution Channel for our monthly bookgroup. I'd like to read Halting State first but it will have to wait. I believe I'm also a book behind in the "Merchant Princes" series (also by Stross) so finishing one book off of the The Pile is a Sisyphean accomplishment.
Wednesday I did some after work caching, got a couple. Thursday I was going to drop by the bowling alley for my team captain's birthday but napped again. Friday got a couple more caches.
Saturday was good, we had seven people for the caching and dimsum social in Chinatown. My first two caches were found and have been found since. I'm pretty excited about that. My next cache will be very close to me, I have a good idea that I just need to follow up on. I've got a container and after Saturday night's social I have some coins to leave as FTF prizes too.
Sunday I went to see my folks. I 'fixed' their VCR and had lunch. Then before I went home I knocked out a few more caches. We do warn newcomers that the sport/game/hobby can be addictive.
Just a bare-bones sort of upate post, no deep thoughts here. The closest I've come is thinking about identity and self while reading Glasshouse. It's kind of an odd book to read while listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: two entirely different ways of thinking about the self and the soul.

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