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After a hiatus of just over a month I'm posting again. While I was talking with folks at Windycon that I don't see often I realized that in many cases I knew what was going on with them because they keep up with their LJs.
Friday I took a vacation day to get ready for Windy so I slept late, finished laundry, packed, then went out and grabbed a couple caches, including finishing up a 19 cache series (GeoGolf) that I had been working on for a while. This got me to the hotel later than I had planned but it was apparently just in time as there were no lines either at the Front Desk or at Reg. Got my badge, schlepped my stuff up to our room (unhipster and I were sharing) and wandered off to the Capricon party room to see what needed doing. Nothing much as it turned out. I missed opening ceremonies (as usual) and didn't hit any panels. Went back to the Cap party after struggling into my fancy lady pirate costume (store bought) and hung out there for a while. While I was there I noticed another party-goer had the same exact costume as me. Oh the embarrassment! We had our picture taken, hopefully it will show up somewhere respectable. When I wasn't at the Cap party I was hanging out in the GT suite, attempting to match some more faces with names, having a couple small glasses of Dom Perignon (courtesy of Kurt), and talking to kevinnickerson and icyfeetofdeath. Tracked down erikvolson and ended up hanging out with him.
Went to The Pine Grove for breakfast (a wise decision, as I discovered this morning in the hotel's lame restaurant), then it was time for panels. I saw a few science panels, a couple with Jim Plaxco, a familiar face from previous cons, but there were a few of the usual suspects missing. No Brother Guy and unfortunately beamjockey had a family emergency, so he missed most of Saturday. Took a break for a trip to Target and to pick up the only cache I that I could get without moving my car (the hotel lot was full), then more panels, and hanging out in the con suite with rmeidaking and madtechie2718 which was fun. After that it was time to help prepare for the chicago-sf.org party. Mixed punch, admired the Cylon raider head and set up the fans. Then I went back to my room, changed to my 'costume' (a red dress, I was Six and Half) and helped make and serve more punch. By the time our party closed down we had a room full of people even though we'd run out of booze two hours before. Split the rest of the night between our party and the GT suite. At some point I noticed that kevinnickerson had left his fabulous hat behind, so I appropriated it and wore it around the rest of the night.
Madame President did a fantastic job organizing the party, along with her awesome cabinet. mstanfa and c0defiant were huge! aimee_darling, beknatok, deusinnomen, dragonbane, fractalsphere, lverhulst, nikoliravnos, unhipster, urban_firefly and Jason and Joe (WINOLJ) all pitched in as well. Our drinks went over well (again), we had the right amount (1:30 am is a good time to run out, no one really needs another drink after that), the decorations weren't as elaborate as last year but there was certainly more room for dancing and general mischief. The one big piece Jason, Jason, Jynell, Rob, Rich and Kevin did turned out great. It was a giant Cylon raider head with a scrolling LED message for 'eyes'. Mark's mad DJ skillz were much appreciated by (almost) everyone and lots of folks dressed up. My favorite costume of the night had to be the guy who wasn't with our group but had bought a SeaQuest jumpsuit that had actually been worn on the show! How cool is that!
I was up until 3 am so after a big breakfast this morning I had trouble keeping my eyes all the way open through pyropyga and Tobias Buckell's panel on New Space Opera. It was a fun panel, but it was also the last panel of the con. Earlier that day a bunch of us showed up to watch pyropyga moderate a Battlestar Galactica panel, featuring Richard Hatch! It went well, the only hiccup was when some folks forgot that although it was 20 years ago Hatch had still worked on the original BSG and was proud of his work on it. The original series may seem a little silly now but I LOVED it when it was on originally. Richard mentioned that BSG was the most expensive tv series ever, at that time, and hence had every network suit 'in the kitchen' messing with it. It was an interesting panel, definitely.
Said my good byes, came home, watched the Bears win (Wait...what? Win?! I'll be darned.) and am trying to catch up online.


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