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Busy week.
Nothing much on Monday or Tuesday but that was all to the good, coming off of a weekend of being social.
Wednesday was a con com meeting where Stuff Was Accomplished.
Thursday I went back to The Buzz Cafe nearly four years (?!) after attending my very first Chicago Sci-Fi/Fantasy meetup there. (We never went back, they close at 9pm and that's much too early.) This time I was there attending a geocaching social. Lots of coffee was drunk, food was eaten and stories were told, I even got the perfect idea for a ringtone to use for the 'Cachers' group on my mobile. (Badlands suggested the Benny Hill music, otherwise known as "Yacktey Sax". It's perfect because if you videoed us looking for a cache it would not be dissimilar to a Benny Hill sketch [minus the underwear-clad women of course].)
Friday was the "Turkey Shoot" or Meat Raffle where you buy chances to win all manner of meat--turkey, salami, sausage, duck and ENORMOUS bacon. Seriously, the bacon was at least a yard long and over a foot wide, pretty much a lifetime supply. We weren't sure what we'd do with one if we won, maybe send it to Scalzi so he would have a never ending supply of bacon to tape on his cat if his hit count drops.
Saturday I went to see my folks, since I was at Windy all last weekend and they left to drive to North Carolina this morning it was Saturday or Sunday and Sunday was the geocaching meetup that I organize. The only bad thing about going out there Saturday was that I missed November's book group. I hated to miss it but then what with one thing and another I hadn't even gotten the book, much less read it. I also felt it was important to go out there since my mom and I had a hard conversation about Dad last week. He seems to be in the early stages of Alzheimer's and we were talking about stuff for him to do that would be helpful. Helpful to him as far as keeping him busy and making himself useful and helpful to others in the volunteering sense. The problem is he's claiming he can't read very well (he can read a short paragraph but then says everything 'goes gray' and his eye doctor says there's no physical reason he can't read) and he has a severe tremor in his right hand (not Parkinson's, thank God). I'm trying to think of ways to get him interacting with people and using his time and life experience to help others. Most of his family never lived long enough to develop Alzheimer's, they died fairly early of other health problems so it's hard to tell if he's genetically predisposed to it.
It was a pretty terrifying conversation, I have to say. If anyone has any ideas about volunteering he could do please leave them in comments. My best idea so far is a help/crisis line for a few hours a week to see how he does and if he likes it then sign up for more time. Saturday night I went over to a friend's house to hang out with a few folks. We never did get around to playing games but much amusement was created reading questions from a couple goofy books.

Sunday was the geocaching meetup, which went really well, even though the parking co-ords were roped off and I didn't place a new cache until about an hour before everyone arrived. We had lots of fun running around Deer Grove Forest Preserve even though we didn't see any deer. Four new folks showed up, one family and one woman who also does orienteering. The father and son of the family were Belgian and the son was named Nicolas. Which the father pronounced _just like_ Juliette pronounced Nick's name on Forever Knight. That was a little weird at first. We got nearly every cache in the forest preserve before it got dark. Then some of us went to Siri Thai II and had some very good Thai food, including my favorite dish there, "Steam escargot with spicy coconut milk, Fresh basil leaves and red chili sauce, Served with garlic bread." Three other people ordered it and seemed to like it too (whew!).

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