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Busy busy weekend. So just a few bullet points.

  • Cooked the turkey Wednesday night, it came out pretty good, not award-winning but ok.

  • "I, Claudius" is just as brilliant as I remember although it's less exhausting to watch it in hour-long chunks than to watch it straight through. There was brie and mimosas though, so that helped.

  • One dollar coins are pretty fun, although I'm not sure why they're going with presidents on them, I liked the Susan B. and Sacajawea ones better.


  • It's always good to be nice to old people.

  • There are some amazing digital cameras out there. In ten years we've gone from .75mp bricks, to cameras the size of a cassette that will automatically take an 8mp picture when the subject _smiles_.

  • Caching in a group is fun but sometimes it's nice to hit the trails on your own.

  • The roman numeral 'D'=500.

  • Sometimes there's a very good reason the pants are only $20, like a zipper that won't stay zipped.

  • Roy Blount Jr. has a new(ish) book out that's available on audio.

  • I can't decide if "Enchanted" was supposed to be a parody or not. The big Central Park production number was definitely worth the price of admission either way.


  • Caching on your own can be fun, but sometimes it's nice to hit the trails with a group.

  • Hardee's has a Philly Cheesesteak Burger (and yes, they add extra steak) and they top it with _mayonnaise_!?

  • I snore (sometimes) when I sleep in a car.

  • If you set a meeting time that requires me to get up at 3:45am you're going to find out whether or not I snore.
  • Bring the sock! It doesn't take up much space and you never know when you'll get a chance to work on it.

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