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Finally, after hearing about Santarchy a few years ago, and wanting to attend last year's SantaCon in Chicago (it's first year here) I was able to be a part of the Red Menace!!
Friday night while out with some co-workers I realized that my panic about being able to find a Santa suit in time was needless. I was sitting across the table from a guy that I _knew_ had a Santa suit, I'd seen him wear it. So I asked nicely and and he agreed to let me borrow it the next day so I could go to SantaCon.
The next morning I picked up the suit and then a sack. Then I went out to find things to fill it. I wound up with some jingle bells, candy canes (full size ones!), and Christmas pencils. I packed my sack with extra shoes and my purse, etc. Then put the Santa swag on top. The train was late but I made it to the Santas' meeting place in time, met a few folks, downed a couple dirty martinis and after some photo ops, we were off! We went down Michigan Ave for a while then State Street, stopping in every now and then at various (forwarned) bars. We went through the Christkindlmarket and swung back to Millenium Park. It was a lot of walking but a tremendous amount of fun.
Most passersby were confused and/or amused, the kids that seemed excited (and some adults too) got stuff from those of us that had Christmas goodies to give away. People asked me to have my picture taken with them and there was a reporter from NPR that followed along for awhile. She gave me her card but I lost it somewhere along the way and don't recall her name. The Santas were all good-natured and easy to get along with, and there were also a number of Ms. Santas and Mrs. Clauses. We even had an elf in full regalia and a couple reindeer. I'm definitely doing this again next year, it was a total blast! We were having lots of fun chanting "Ho!Ho!Ho!" and ringing our bells and everyone we passed seemed to get a kick out of us.
How could you not? Sixty Santas can't be wrong!

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