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Linkspam from earlier this week....

Saw this today and thought it was pretty entertaining. NSFW for language.

Also very funny (in a completely different way) and the kind of thing I would send out to my girlfriends if I sent them links (which I don't 'cause they don't get the difference between a cute link and an annoying chain-email/survey). Pornforgirlsbygirls.com (Totally work safe).

Yesterday, missed the book discussion to attend the Capricon concom meeting. In part because I felt with the con looming I should really be there if at all possible and in part because I hadn't yet finished the book.
Went from the meeting to meet a friend to see The Golden Compass. She had read it several years before and I just finished the trilogy several weeks ago. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and thought Lyra was pretty much perfect. Pan was pretty great too. Most of the other daemons (pronounced 'demons' in the movie) didn't have much to do, with the obvious exceptions. Now that I've seen the movie I can go read the Movies in 15 Minutes version.

Today a friend I used to work with wanted to celebrate her birthday by taking the train downtown (good call on that one, considering last night's snow), having lunch and enjoying the Christmas decorations. This sounded like a fine plan, except for the part where (I thought) she wanted to have lunch in The Walnut Room at Marshall Field's Macy's on State Street. ("That's nuts!" I thought, but decided not to stress as they'd settle on another place once they were told the wait would be two hours [or whatever insane length of time].)
I met them on the train, and one of the girls had found out that Fannie Mae was sponsoring the Water Taxi all weekends in December. Not only was it free but they were giving out chocolate too! After a brief wait the boat chugged into view and the driver pilot neatly parallel parked it. After our ride we walked from the Wrigley Building to the Hard Rock Cafe, which was where the birthday girl wanted to have lunch. (Why? Because nothing says Christmas like Joe Perry's Screaming Bloody Marys!) (Kidding, I have no idea why.)
She treated us to lunch which seemed very wrong indeed but she wouldn't hear any arguments otherwise. I'm used do the birthday person being taken care of, not the other way around. It was odd. Nice but odd.
Then we went to Michigan Avenue to window shop. While there I ducked into the Vosges boutique (they would have gotten a link but they have annoying flash and sound as soon as you click). I really really really wanted to get a couple of those chocolate-covered bacon bars to see what they tasted like. Also it would have been interesting to tape them to a cat, provided someone I know would be willing to lend me a cat for chocolate-covered bacon taping purposes.
But the store was out, and it looks like their fulfillment center is sold out too. Oh well.
We did eventually make it to the Walnut Room, mainly to admire the tree and the room itself.
On our way home we passed the Palmer House and decided to stop in and see if they had a little pastry shop where we could treat the birthday girl to dessert. Alas no, so we used the facilities and prepared to head back to the train station. As I was checking my GPS for distance and direction I realized that (once again, AGAIN! can you believe it!) I had left a brand-new camera behind. Thankfully it was just a short sprint back to the deserted washroom and it was still sitting there. Whew! If I had lost another one I would have been unable to buy a third camera and would have been stuck using disposables for the rest of my life.

The Lobby of the Palmer House
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