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Jan. 6th, 2008

View down the bridge
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Turns out the guy who recommended Samedi--The Deafness to me hadn't finished reading it himself when he told me it was fantastic and I _had_ to read it. At this point I'm actually farther along in it than he is. Who does that? That's Not Right, recommending a book you haven't finished yet. Especially this book, he doesn't know that it's ever going to start making any sense at all! Bastard.
Car is still misbehaving. I can be reasonably sure of getting where I'm going but it really needs to be taken in, I'm thinking tomorrow as my Car-X of choice is open until 7 and I don't have to be anywhere all week except the Chicago-SF.org meetup on Tuesday night.
Somehow my neighborly courtesy turned into an invitation for a movie. So I _finally_ saw "I Am Legend" which bore as much resemblence to the book as "I, Robot" did. (Are we out of "I" movies for Will Smith to remake?) It was good for what it was but I think the book's story is much stronger.
Friday afternoon on a whim I texted a fellow cacher to see what he was up to on Saturday, and if he would mind my tagging along if he was hitting the trails. We met in Dundee, on the 'Road to Perdition' , and found 13 caches. Not a bad day. Early in the day we crossed the pictured disused railroad bridge. As I said in one of the captions it was unaccountably scary. There was _no way_ for me to fall through but poor Howard wound up holding my hand (figuratively and literally) most of the way across. Not sure why the near-freak out but I was so averse to re-crossing the river that way that we walked out of our way to cross by the road. Of course what makes it even better is that we didn't need to cross the river in the first place, we parked on the right side of the river to start with and I got my directions confused. Ooops. It was a fun relaxed day, nice not to have to worry about a crowd and be able to make a couple of finds myself. Caching in large groups can be fun but it was nice change to hit the trail in a 'small group' yesterday.
Last night was DJ's birthday get-together. We gave her a necklace and earrings from Na-Hoku and we played a new version of Trivial Pursuit which was (mostly) fun. There was homemade meatless lasagna, salad and a cake baked from scratch. My contribution to the feast was (as usual) stopping and buying snacks. I was awake longer than I wanted to be because the hostess served 'half-caf' coffee and I drank too much of it.
Ah well, time to wind this up and hit the road to meet my folks for my birthday lunch. I asked for a portable external hard drive, I really hope that's what they got me, it will be nice to store all my music and pictures on one drive.

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