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Much much better, thanks

I'm feeling much better, thanks everyone for the continued birthday and get well wishes. I went into work yesterday but didn't stay. Still feeling oogy I left after about an hour. Today I was nearly 100% and I made it all day.
Saw The Walk to Rivendell on a mailing list I'm on and thought it was a pretty cool idea.

Finished Samedi-The Deafness, it never did start making sense, it stayed pretty surreal. I understood his main message (everyone lies, all the time, making the world a pretty surreal and abosurd place) pretty quickly but the language was very 'poetic' (as opposed to prosaic) and interesting in a 'hm, what are these chunks of chocolate flavored jello in my iced coffee?'-interesting. I'll enjoy it while I'm ddrinking it but I'm not sure I need another bubble coffee right away.
It inspired me to pick up this book out of the To Be Read Pile though. So far there's nothing I didn't already know but it's a fun, easy to read refresher.

While I was home yesterday I got restless and watched "Shawn of the Dead" with cast commentary which was pretty funny. You could tell they had blast making that movie. Then I watched "Boondock Saints". Finally. I've had it since April. It was good, not the life-changing experience the plethora of BS merchandise at Hot Topic suggests it might be, but decent. I'll probably watch it again sometime.

Also Happy Happy Birthday to januarynext! (Umm, that would be belated Happy Birthday since I forgot to hit the giant "Post Entry" button before toddling off to sleep.)

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