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Knobby, the newest 'caching pup
Originally uploaded by oilygrrl

Had a busy but good weekend.
Friday night I was supposed to be caching, and then just figuring out puzzle caches but that got cancelled due to bad timing.
Saturday I did go caching, up in Dundee again. Since the snow had melted Badlands figured we might be able to get rid of a couple DNFs from last week. We only found one of the two though, the first unfound cache remained unfound, even after another half hour of snow-free searching. Got a couple more caches and even placed one of our own (Bad's idea, my container) in an odd 'open space'. While we were placing it I managed to step on _both_ of our GPSrs at the same time. Yikes. Fortunately even Magellans are built to take that kind of (mis)treatment so no lives were lost.
Then with some creative parking we joined the GONIL army, meeting some new cachers and seeing lots of familiar faces. The cutest member of the group was definitely the one pictured above, Knobby, who was found in a wilderness area down-state but wasn't tagged or chipped. She's a Beagle/Dachshund mix and seemed quite happy to be out and about with thousands of interesting things to sniff.
I was a little late leaving for the concom meeting but they were still touring the new hotel when I got there. We did our thing and then I rejoined the cachers. We got kicked out of the forest preserve and went on to find suburban hides in ever-dwindling numbers. On the way home I did manage to grab the closest unfound cache to me. This was a big relief as I had been there three times and not been able to find the co-ords for the second stage. When I did find them I was really annoyed as I wouldn't have missed them if they had been there before. Seriously. The first stage of this cache is located on Lake street right at the exit of a Portillo's drive through! (I know!) It helped a lot to have someone else standing around looking suspicious while I searched. Fell asleep Saturday night logging the day's finds (20, not a bad day).
Sunday I slept in (finally), had breakfast at Our Kitchen and made it through my yearly eye exam with no increase to my prescription. (Yay!) I looked around Oak Brook a little longer then left to go home and get ready for a friend's surprise 40th birthday party. When I was leaving the cell-phone blackhole that is Oak Brook mall, my phone rang saying I had voice mail!? Never heard it ring. My heart dropped into my shoes when I heard the message though. Apparently I had gotten the time of the surprise party mixed up and it started at noon, not 2pm, as I had thought. Already over a half hour late and inappropriately dressed I zoomed over to the party. They hadn't started lunch yet and apparently I had just missed the 'surprise' part. Whew. After most folks left a few of us (including the honoree) gathered around the tv in the manager's office to watch the last few minutes of Indy's loss to San Diego.
Since there was still a little bit of light out I swung by the only other cache I hadn't found within five miles and knocked that one out too. Back to having a five mile radius around my house cleared out. Nice.
The car goes into the shop Tuesday night, to be ready Friday night/Saturday morning (I hope). I put it off this weekend as there was so much going on but I can't put it off any longer.

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