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FINALLY dropped the car off at Midas last night. Today they fixed the brakes and AC/Heater fan. They also replaced two, um, OTs? Something that controls the mix of fuel and air. BUT those needed replacing because something else (the mass air spectrometer?) was malfuntioning and had also caused my catalytic converter to burn out. They had to order a pigtail for the headlight and the mass air spectrometer thingy. So, they have the car until Monday when it should be done by the end of the day. That will be nice.
In the meantime I'm car-less. I know I could rent a car, but quite frankly don't see the need to as I can get back and forth to work by walking, and the grocery store is just as close as work. If something comes up that I want to do I can get a ride (bowling tomorrow, the captain of the team is picking me up) or barring kind friends take a cab.
The total repair bill right now is a little higher than I had thought but it's less than I could sell the car for once it's all fixed. I wouldn't feel right selling it at all until this stuff gets fixed. It only has 50K miles on it and should be good for another 50. It's not fancy but it gets decent milage and there's other stuff I'd rather spend my money on. Like Denvention, Vegas in June, a new GPS, the Asus EEE, and and ....

It will be nice to have it fixed, then I can visit my friends in Moline and Iowa and maybe drive myself to Penguicon in April (Vernor Vinge! Randall Munroe!).
But first there's Cap to get through, I'll definitely need wheels for that. Endless trips to Office/Home Depot, out for food, booze, minions, etc.

The one minor adventure was the walk home. Through the cemetary. At dusk. It was actually fine, not a problem. I haven't been freaked out by the cemetary for a long time, in fact the only time I was squicked was the one time there was an open vault (crypt? the cement thing they put the casket into before re-filling the grave). For some reason that was freaky. I didn't see the coyote on the walk to or from work. Maybe he's moved on.

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