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Jan. 23rd, 2008

So I took the car in, they kept it for a week, I gave them wads of cache cash, and they gave me back a car that runs much much better. It's still not perfect but I'm supposed to drive it around for a bit and then bring it back in to talk to their computers some more and then it should run perfectly. Whew! So nice to have it done.
Busy week with caching and art show stuff.
I got to bowl on Thursday, my team captain picked me up and dropped me off. I don't think we won the series though as all four of us bowled like crap. We haven't gotten any pin action there for weeks. Tomorrow night it's my team's turn to bowl against The Average Joes (we only have seven teams so each week one team bowls against their own averages). We've beaten the Average Joes in the past, I hope we do it again. I'll be home working on art show stuff though.
Last Friday I went to Cafe Amano. It was very nice, the food was good and the atmosphere was great. The only problem was the server. Not really the caliber you expect at an upscale place like that. She would have been fine at say, IHOP, but at this place, not so much. One interesting thing they have there is, and I am not making this up, Banana vinaigrette salad dressing. As interesting as that sounded I wanted to actually eat the whole salad so I opted for a more edible dressing. We were supposed to see "Charlie Wilson's War" at the York Theater after dinner. Unfortunatelky I looked up showtimes on Wednesday. D'oh. So we wound up going back home and watching "Donnie Darko" which I had not seen yet. It was...pretty much what I expected, actually. Less weird than I thought it would be from everything I had heard about it. One thing that my neighbor thought was hilarious was the 'fan film' that was on the DVD he had. Apparently there was a contest to determine the Biggest "Donnie Darko" Fan in the World. Fans sent in their films and the winner was to be included in this edition of the DVD. My neighbor thought it was funny because the guy doing the movie was a total loon, I thought it was funny because the guy who did the fan movie was obviously _playing_ a total loon, the high-point of his life being kissing Richard Kelly.
Saturday was the second biggest local geocaching event of the year, a meet and greet at a breakfast buffett (BACON!) followed by a day of geocaching. And yes, there were at least 30 of us nutjars wandering around outside on Saturday. We were all prepared though so no one wound up with frostbite or hypothermia. Alas, since my car was in the shop and I was relying on the kindness of kind people, attending the breakfast meant that I missed the chicago-sf.org book group. That was too bad as I had read and enjoyed this month's book, Neuromancer. Also they went to see "Cloverfield" afterwards so I'm on my own for that one.
Sunday I took the train out to see my folks.
Not much else to report here.

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