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This would probably be why I can't sleep.
No update for two weeks. Yikes. I've been busy and _thought_ about posting several times but never actually managed to put fingers to keys.
I've been faffing about with Capricon Art Show stuff and geocaching. Also reading a little, I finished How to Read Literature Like a Professor (nothing earthshaking here, just an entertaining refresher) and started Magic for Beginners as it was a possible contender for chicago-sf.org's book for March. It didn't win and I'm glad it didn't (even though I voted for it,  I had only finished "The Faery Handbag" when I voted, the stories after that don't make much sense). I bought it ages ago because of all the rave reviews I was reading everywhere. So far it's intriguing  enough to continue reading but not a book I would recommend to anyone, except maybe to that psycho that liked Samedi--The Deafness . I'm in the middle of the story with appearing and disappearing rabbits and a haunted dishwasher...I'm sure I'll finish reading the story and the book but I'm looking forward to finishing.
The car has come back from its spa vacation and is running perfectly now, I even got a courtesy call from Midas (the one in Countryside) making sure everything was ok and I was still satisfied.
Let's see, what else. "LOST" is finally back and both episodes were pretty good. I thought this was to be the last season but just read it got picked up for another season. Hm. I was kind of looking forward to the story being wrapped up and finding out the answers to lots of the questions but apparently that won't be happening for a while.
Geocached with the other geocaching meetup, that was lots of fun.
Hung out with friends, mailed my brother's (extremely late) Christmas present along with birthday cards and presents for his girls. (His stabby neighbor, btw got probation and had to pay my bro's hospital and legal bills. Not Tight. ) Hung out with the ex-roommate who was in town for a brief (yet weird) visit, went to a Superbowl party that was nice but we all lamented the lack of entertaining commercials.
Looking forward to seeing folks at Cap, however briefly.
After a three month hiatus I made it to Dave and Buster's for the chicago-sf.org monthly social, and saw David and Jaye (no longer BritishDavid and GirlJaye, their names are unique now) and Art Production Jason. I'm glad I didn't stay home because of the snow, since it didn't snow that night.
Paid for and downloaded the entire ouevre of Jonathon Coulton and I'm really digging it. Especially "Dance, Soterius Johnson, Dance".
Also, I really want a hedgehog.

How cute is that!
That's about it for now, there's other stuff but I have to figure out what's going on and what I want to do about it before I post.

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