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Teh Ahnkel of Doooom

Ok, it's really not that bad. I fell in a forest preserve two weeks ago while looking for a spot to place a commemorative cache. I fell and the ankle went sideways. I felt it go *crack* similar to the way your knuckles crack. I thought it would hurt more than it did. After a few minutes I could walk on it so I walked back to the car and when I got home a couple hours later I kept it elevated and iced (Howard went out and bought me some bags of frozen peas which are make great ice packs) and when the swelling wasn't going down Tuesday I made an appointment and got in the next day. They took six xrays and determined it wasn't broken but one ligament had torn and in order to facilitate healing I needed PT three times a week and I should wear the boot-cast for about six weeks. The PT is a combination of ultrasound and electro-stim therapy which worked great to get the swelling down. I don't know how much it helps to speed the healing though.
It doesn't hurt anymore unless I walk too far on it and with the boot I'm able to get around pretty well, although it takes me a while to go downstairs. It's just slightly frustrating and inconvienent for a few weeks so I was really lucky that way.

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