Elephants That Are on FIRE (oilygrrl) wrote,
Elephants That Are on FIRE

If I post twice today does that count?

I started a post yesterday but forgot about it and MultiLJ apparently doesn't auto-save posts that are shut down when one's laptop shuts down due to inactivity.
Today will probably mostly be linkspam, like this entry linked to by pecunium, about what Prop 8 passing means to one person.
Seen in carneggy's LJ is a shout out for "Let the Right One In" which looks very good. I just wish there was some sort of movie alarm site where you could enter the titles of movies you'd like to see, your location and the distance you're willing to travel (maybe even two tiers of distance) to see a movie. IMDB doesn't seem to do that, and the listing of benefits for IMDB Pro don't seem to indicate it's available there either. Oh well, I do know I'm going to see "My Name is Bruce", that should be entertaining.
Seen in the Whole Foods parking lot yesterday, a Chevy Suburban squeezing into one of the "Fuel Efficient Cars Only" spots. Nice.
That's all for now, off to a Sit 'n Knit and then to acquire ingredients for buckwheat pancakes and possible a cast iron frying pan to make them in.

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