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I'm Baaack! And grumpy as a poltergeist.

I've been reading my friends list every day, but it's easier to read than write (for me anyway) so I always tell myself, "I'll write tomorrow." Then I looked at my calendar and went "D'oh!" Three weeks since my last post. That's just laziness.

I can't catch up, it's been too long since I updated. So I'll just say that mostly everything's the same. Still working during the day and working at night.
Realized sometime over the last two weeks that the people I thought of as my best friends don't actually like me that much. Partly this is a blue funk thing and partly true. It's not that they dislike me, it's just that they don't care much one way or the other. I realized this after the nth nonreturned phone call. Bleh.

I know I shouldn't get back into posting by whining, everyone else here has been pretty upbeat lately so I guess I'm the one little cloud in the sky that makes the rest of it look nice and blue.

There's still alot of shit going on in politics but everyone else who talks about all that on my friends list does so much better than I, so I'll leave it to them. Except, a big WTF? to the Shrub for sending 46 soldiers to guard the US embassy in Liberia. Thank you for your support. Damn. I bet that one little oil rich island where there was a coup recently gets a boatload of troops though.

Mostly I've been working, it's really getting to be a grind but I have caught up on some bills, so I'm in better shape financially. Making some progress which feels good.

Even though half of the people I'm going with are little shits I am still looking forward to weekend after next's trip to Michigan. Apparently there's going to be quite a crowd this year, with two more people than usual going. That's a good thing tho, less talking for me to do. It's not hard to get away from everyone up there as long as it's not raining. There's a kayak to take out on the lake (small private lake, not Lake Michigan) or walks, or laying in the hammock while everyone else is down at the beach. Mainly it will be nice not to work for three days in a row, right now the only day I don't work at all is Sunday. I know there's many many people who are much worse off than me but it's still hard to keep slogging away like this. Forty hours at the "real" job and 25 at the part-time job.

The restaurant job is going better, I'm getting some inside tables (finally) so they are making good on their promise to get me started with some real money making shifts.

The bartenders are still assholes, making me wait for drink orders while they stand around and pretend they didn't see my orders come through, putting cork in my customers' wine, giving me dirty glasses, etc. Whatever. I actually feel kind of sorry for them, I've never done anything to them, so it's sad they have to be like that.

I actually made a list of everyone that works at the restaurant, and divided it into people I'm pretty sure dislike me, neutral people and people that like me. It's a very junior high thing to do, but it made me feel better since the like/dislike list was pretty even with just a few people I'm not sure about.

I have managed to see a couple movies, "Charlies Angles II", which was dumb. There was no coherent plot and the stunts were way over the top. "Pirates of the Carribean" was super-cool. I'll be seeing that one again, and buying it when it comes out, savvy? Just saw "Bad Boys II" by myself tonight, it was ok, but I loved the first one and this one suffered from Martin Lawrences (unexplained) neuroses. A little over the top, but not even in the same league as CAII.

I got an answer to the letters I've been sending to my friend that moved to upstate New York. I was amazed, she's getting settled into a new house so I didnt' expect her to answer. I was writing mainly so that she would get personal letters, instead of just bills and junk mail. Also I figured this way when we talk on the phone I won't have to remember what I've been doing, I can just relax and listen to her news. Also I had gotten used to talking to my best friend every day about the stupid daily stuff and she's no longer taking or returning my calls, so writing JC is a nice substitute for that.

Long and rambling I know but I'm going to try and keep up from now on. Also I need to comment more, I've been putting that off as well, then when I have time I forget which entries I was going to comment on and what I was going to say.


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