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Free at Last! Free at Last!

Caught the bunny tonight/this morning. I went to a rental place that had small animal traps and rented one so I could catch him and release him outside my apt. I set it up then went out for the afternoon. When I got back he had removed two peices of food from the tray without triggering the trap and had also helped himself to a fortune cookie! So I took every scrap of food out of his reach except for the food in the trap, but when I got home tonight he still hadn't tripped it. Then in the middle of a Scrabble game on line I heard a rattle in the next room. I almost didn't want to look, afraid that he would outwit the trap somehow, but no, it was a fair cop. So I took a couple pix (I'll post them later) and took the trap outside and let him go. Whew.
We're both a little happier tonight. I'll miss not having him around but I won't miss wondering which wire he's chewing now.

Went to a friend's house for the evening for hors d'oeurves and cocktails (Apple-tinis) to celebrate his boyfriend's birthday. It was a very nice night, relaxed and relaxing. We laughed at ourselves at one point when the conversation became a discussion of cleaning products, preferred methods of dusting, etc.

Tomorrow is the first Bear's game of the season, it will probably be disappointing but I still like to watch football, especially the Bears.

I picked up my (free, courtesy of work) Cubs tickets yesterday, I'm taking my dad this Friday. It's an afternoon game so we'll take the train downtown, then the El to Wrigely. I'm looking forward to it very much and I think Dad is also. The tickets aren't the best but they're decent. Plus, Cubbies in a pennant race!! How cool is that?! There was one evening last week when the Sox, Cubs, and Bears were all playing at once and .... ALL THREE TEAMS WERE WINNING! I said, "We're lucky this is preseason football. If this game counted I'm pretty sure this convergence of Chicago teams winning would bring on the apocolypse." I was only partly kidding.


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