Elephants That Are on FIRE (oilygrrl) wrote,
Elephants That Are on FIRE

Both jobs are going ok. Not great, just ok.

I've been listening to nonstop. Extremely cool stuff. Sort of like someone "double exposed" a cd to Sara McLachlan and Metallica. It's great!

Cubbies are still doing well!! Yeah Cubbies!! Apparently Vegas is a little worried about a cross-town series, the odds have dropped dramatically on that happening. Heheh.

Still waiting and seeing. Nothing conclusive. Nothing at all really. The cds were duly listened to and returned, along with a comment that it would be fun to see that band sometime. That got me a response of, 'the one guy solo is really good also, he plays during the week at BlahBlah.' That's great. I looked at the schedule I was given with the cds. I work all of those nights. He knows this, I've told him twice. Gah! So I'm left to conclude he's a moron, or he doesn't want me showing up at any of the shows.

Reading the second "Apropos of Nothing" book. I love Poe, he's an anti-hero but a believable and likable one. Plus, Woad to Wuin, how cool is that?!

So very very cute!

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