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I am in a wonderful mood today.

It was beautiful when I left work so I came home and rollerbladed for about an hour. It felt good to exercise. I like rollerblading alot but it was awkward for the first 10 minutes or so while my muscle memories resurfaced. Then it was much more fun. What a way to enjoy a lovely sunny afternoon, not hot but not cold either, just right. Listened to my music and bladed around and around and around the block. Even though I like roller blading, I'm pretty bad at it so I don't use it as transportation, just fun. I briefly considered getting new blades but won't for a while, mine are much stiffer than new blades would be, so they're better exercise. Plus like I said, I suck at blading, so going fast is not a good idea. My old blades will only let me go so fast, so I don't have to worry about breaking a limb.

In other news, I'm going to a meeting of the Chicagoland Parrothead Club tomorrow. That should be big fun. Meet a bunch of new people, but they will be nice because they're Parrotheads. Plus the place the meeting is at has dartboards! I love darts and I never play because all my friends are just as bad at darts as I am and they don't like to do things they're bad at. So we never play. I bet I could find someone willing to beat my by an embarrassing margin tomorrow night.

Now, off to look at my company's insurance site to see if there are any dentists on my plan that have openings before Christmas.


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